Thursday, November 15, 2012

Book Feature -- FotoGone: A very bad app

Morning all, 

Today I have the book blurb of FotoGone by Jason Finnerty to share with you all. Here we go:

Kevin is a sociopath.  He just doesn't know it - yet. 
When a friend posts pictures of him in a compromising situation, he searches for an app to remove the incriminating pics. What he finds is an app that can do much more than just erase images from the internet - it can patch time to make the events disappear for everyone but Kevin, allowing him to explore his twisted fantasies.
This novelette (~12,000 words / 40 kindle pages) contains strong language, mild sexual situations, and violence.

This story is also included in the Bad Decisions anthology by Jason Finnerty - available now

wishing Jason Finnerty all success
Abhishek Bionapalli


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