Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Book Blurb : Towards the limit of imagination

Hello All,

  Today I have, the Towards The Limit Of Imagination by Shainur Ulla. Here we go with the book blurb:

     In a world going towards perfection and a limit of imagination, the human beings are bored. They are committing suicide due to no purpose in life and the governments of the world have put a world suicide pact to end humanities pain, but the devil loving thias as he will gain there souls. The alien that believes in god and the four secret societies and the holy brothel try to prevent this by causing wars and trouble as such, but failing. As the world falls into deep trouble a man named francis knight is able to imagine beyond the limit of imagination some how and becomes a world superstar, he can show his thoughts to others but they die as there minds cannot take such capacity of mental thought. An adventure will occur to find his strange ability origins.

Kindly stay tuned for my review of the book.



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