Sunday, October 28, 2012

Book Blurb -- Liquid Lies

Hello All,

 I have today, Liquid Lies by Lois Lavrisa- a mystery thriller suspense by genre. Here we go:

One dead body.
Two girls with a secret.
Body count rising
Author Introduction:
Lois Lavrisa is an Amazon Kindle best-selling author who writes mysteries with a twist. When not writing, she juggles her packed schedule, as well as that of her four children, while desperately trying to squeeze in a date night with her husband. Lois daydreams of peace and quiet by the beach armed only with a glass of Riesling and a great book.

"Liquid Lies is a mystery thriller that makes you feel anything but cozy. A story as tension charged and as fast moving as a tidewater. Once you're into Liquid Lies there's no stopping until you reach the end." Patricia Mason, award winning best-selling author.

"I absolutely loved this book! Tension builds throughout this taut mystery right up until the action packed climax. Lois Lavrisa will keep you guessing until the end. I highly recommend Liquid Lies." The Edit Dude.

Wishing Liquid Lies all success
Abhishek Boinapalli


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