Monday, October 1, 2012

Book Review: Joe Hefferon

Morning All,

Today I have The Seventh Level by Joe Hefferon, a personality development book of a new kind. Here is my review of the book:


I am a fan of personality development books. My first love was with "21 irrefutable laws of leadership". That was the first complete book I read, other than my textbooks. I stopped reading personality development books long back and now, I found my next love.

The seventh level is good, I understood that after reading say, 10 pages or more. Why? It started with an example of someone who achieved inspite of difficuilites, tragedies and loads more and urges us, if he can why can't you? The naration is quite good and talks to you, makes you think and gives you time to visualize.

I never knew a thing about architecture other than appreciating those huge forts and palaces. This book, changed me, gave me quite a few points to think about, helped me identify quite a few exercises which I can begin with and go towards my goal with the help of witty techniques from the book like BrainSafari, MindDump, ..

The style of writing is quite new, atleast to me, for it explains techincal stuff and then speaks about human development at same time. What added to the beauty of the book were quotes and meaningful phrases every here and there which were quite thought provoking in nature.

I haven't yet comepleted the book, but I now know, I am gonna read the book once again, probably many times over. One statement that I ain't gonna forget anytime soon from the book says

"The great tragedy of life is not death, but what dies within us while we live"

Wishing Joe all success
Abhishek Boinapalli


Mrs. Jones said...

Well, I too know hardly a thing about architecture, but I love to learn new things! :)
Great review.
and I really liked the quote at the bottom!!!

Anonymous said...

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Joe Hefferon said...

Thank you for the kind words about my book. All the best to you.

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