Monday, December 24, 2012

Book Feature: Exodus Lust

Morning All,

Today I have, the book feature of Exodus Lost by S. C. Compton. Here we go with book blurb:

Exodus Lost reopens outstanding cold cases from antiquity and tracks down their solutions using cutting-edge science, classical scholarship, and tenacity. The adventure begins with an epic journey across the Atlantic Ocean that Aztec and Mayan chronicles describe as their ancestral voyage to Mexico. By mapping the details within these texts, the author locates their lost homeland and corroborates their traditions of an ocean-crossing long before Columbus or the Vikings. This discovery leads to revolutionary insights into the origins of ancient Mexican and Western civilizations, the Bible (including the first archaeological evidence for two major biblical events), the alphabet, a lost passage in the history of the pyramids, and more. Enter a world of exploration and discovery, mystery and revelation. Whether your passion is archaeology or religion, history or simply a great adventure, Exodus Lost delivers.

Beautifully illustrated with 126 photos, maps, and engravings.

wishing S. C. Compton all success,
Abhishek Boinapalli


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