Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Book Review: Warrior Girl

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How is your week going on? Today I have the review of Warrior Girl by Matt Lazar & Amanda Thomas. Here we go:

Warrior Girl
This is one wonderful book which revolves around Sun Hi, a Korean girl and her dream of becoming successful, self-confident and independent women. When Sun Hi joins the prestigious Oxford for an economics course, life ain’t easy for her. She has a lot to learn, a lot to know and a lot to fight for, if she wants her way of life.

    A brilliant student, who also loves plants, farms, gardens, world of Warcraft who fought all the way to Oxford, only to find that odds are placed heavily against her, thanks to tough college work, a not so friendly roommate,

competition from a rich, spoilt Japanese boy who
Author Matt Lazar
spews venom at the very sight of Sun Hi, a rowing team captain who has cruel intentions. The only respite is the love of Adam, which she is reluctant to accept owing to pressures at college, very high standards expected out of her, traditional values and much more.

    The book portrays Sun Hi so well, that every ambitious youth can co-relate himself/herself with Sun Hi. The epic scene, where she turns into a warrior from a quitter is so cool that it inspires you for sure.
Author Amanda Thomas
Juggling college, a new part time job at a nursery, being coxswain in rowing team of Oxford, love, parents, sabotage and repeated attempts to undermine her Sun Hi rises above them all and proves that her will is made out of steel for sure.

    What to look for in the book?  wonderful characters, glory and richness of campus life at oxford, the beauty of rowing on river Thames, nice twists and turns, ample will power of Sun Hi,  loads of love, care and warmth which Sun Hi receives.


Have you read the book? What is your view? Planning to read the book, hurry up and visit the book here. You can get more info about the book on the official website

Wishing Warrior Girl all success
Abhishek Boinapalli


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