Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Month of May, Glasses and Health Care

Hello All,

    Hope you are all doing well. Today starts the month of may and like me for every procrastinator, today is supposed to be the beginning of a new era. (Yeah,
5K Run
some procrastinators want to change and they

need an auspicious time/new week/new month to start the change). So what am I planning to change? I wanna add a round of study sessions into my daily schedule, cut facebook time, cut eating out, start savings, build emergency fund and start an exercise regime to become fit and run 5km in 3 months. So wish me luck

  Before starting any exercise regime, you must consult a doctor, a fitness pro for advises, tips and to learn the procedures and strategy needed to conquer the goals. So my thoughts went towards health-care and I started marveling about the wonders of modern health care. I know people are born and die all time, yet today, you needn't die due to diseases which wiped out villages in the past, you needn't suffer from most of the aliments, all you need is access to good hospital with professional doctors.

  I hear about cases where cancer is cured, livers/kidneys/other vitals are
transplanted, cosmetic surgeries are performed to ensure better health, better life to the person (or patient) in question. That is a miracle. Not just that, even simple things like reading glasses are a marvel to me. I needed glasses from very young age and today without glasses, my visibility is as low as 10 meters. I couldn't see the black-board, the ball in the cricket game, couldn't appreciate the nature, the greenery of grass, the beauty of birds and many other things. Thanks to modern health care, I can now, with glasses of-course. 

 Seriously, my life is changed. Assume there aren't glasses in the world, I would have just been a cripple, probably a dependent on my dad and nothing more. The other day, doctors found me fit to undergo PRK to ensure I don't need glasses anymore. The availability of glasses did change my life (though PRK is just another option). That is thanks to modern health care. The guys in the white coats, did save my ass a couple of times from complications both life threatening and otherwise. 

Health Care
To know more about how cutting edge technology helps in giving us a better life, forget not to visit Apollo Hospitals or follow them using the #ApolloTouchingLives. Did health care change things for you? Did something impact your whole life? Did it touch your life?

Abhishek Boinapalli


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