Monday, December 5, 2011

Updates -- My life -- Blogging -- Other goals

Morning Everyone,
Write down goals, goals, charting out goals
    How is life going on? Mine is coming back to normal pace slowly. Life became hectic due to Semester Examinations, work and other such reasons. Missed blogging, blogging friends a lot. 

    Now, that I have six more months before another hectic phase of my life *read next round of exams* I decided to take a few goals and resolutions.

Grace of god, gods grace
Grace Of God
    For the first time of my life, I was afraid of failing in exams and cursed myself like hell for not starting my preparation earlier. But the grace of god was sufficient for me to clear these exams. Clearly understood why not to waste time from now on.

   My goals to be completed before my next exams in June 2012 include:

Major Goals:
  • Exercise regularly and loose about 2 pounds per month or more
  • Prepare well and complete four papers in the next exam
  • Learn the art of creative writing and complete a book say of 60k words
Other important goals:
Horse Riding, Horse Rider, Cowboy on horse, brown horse,
Horse Riding
  • Learn horse riding and ride well for 20 hours or more
  • Earn driving license go on a long ride of 500 km or more on bike
  • Increase online presence with respect to blogging, participation in flash fiction challenges, writing challenges and such
  • Ensure that I read no more than four novels per month

   Hope I achieve them all and learn a lot more. Let me see what I can do about all of them. You have any similar resolutions / aims? Care to share them please and the source of motivation to complete them?

with warm regards


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