Saturday, December 31, 2011

Good Sites To Browse When Bored

Hello All,

 Hope the plans for the NEW YEAR EVE are going well. I am kind of bored though. By the time this post would be published, I would have been riding my dads bike on a wild goose chase kind of adventure!! :-) .. Yippe!! 

  Ever wondered what to do when bored on the Internet? Got irritated trying to browse through all those TROLL pictures on the facebook? Here is a list of websites which I surf often (to pass time online). 

In case you too derive happiness by reading something, in case you want to read something to come out of boredom then check these sites out:

  • Damn Interesting
    • Pros: This is one good site where you can find many many interesting facts related to Web, War, Humans, Science, Technology and you name it. 
    • Cons: The frequency at which site is updated is very low. I don't find many new articles online.
  • Interesting Thing of the Day:
    • Pros: Good number of posts, updated regularly, covers a variety of topics
    • Cons: The posts are very very lengthy and can bore you down again
    • Pros: This site has everything you need. From games, quizzes, finding insults, humour, Music and ....
    • Cons: The design of website suggests that it is a pure gaming site. Many people walk away from the same.
    • is a magazine about everything in and around USA. Including news, articles and info about arts, culture, politics, health, sport, Politics ...
  • Blogs:
    • Pros: When you are bored, find a writing challenge online and keep following all the blogs that participated in them. You will be intrigued by the stuff written, creativity and such
    • Cons: Need to search a little and can be little hard
  • Visit My blog:
    • Yeah, visiting my blog is fun too I guess. Have fun and let me  know what all can be done to improve this blog, to take it to next level and to convince people in buying me a beer of two.
    Are there any good sites you guys visit? Do let me know! Is new year party going well? Enjoying it to the core? Do let me know!!
with warm regards
Abhishek Boinapalli


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