Saturday, March 31, 2012

A for Automatic Firearm

Hello Everyone,

  From today, kicks off the A - Z blogging challenge and as mentioned earlier I would be posting on interesting things about weapons *both fictitious and real* and other technology from science fiction books, military fiction books...

Automatic Firearm

  Today I would like to post about the most common military hardware viz the Automatic Firearm. As the name suggests, the firearm is capable of loading itself from magazine / feed device *like belts, chains,...* once it is fired. In other words, once fired, the firearm prepares itself to be fired again by ejecting the empty (or spent) cartridge case, loading a new one into the barrel. This is usually done by harnessing the recoil of rifle or using propellent gases. A simple graphic display by would explain the same in great detail.

  Some of the automatic firearms come with selective firing modes which help the firearm bearer excise much control on his weapon, firing and ammunition. The basic modes include:

Single Fire:
A single pull of trigger would fire a single bullet. The next round (or bullet) would be loaded but wouldn't be fired
Automatic Firearm

Burst Fire:
A single pull of trigger would fire a pre-determined number of rounds. The number of rounds depends on the make of the firearm and is usually 2 or 3. 

Automatic Fire:
A single pull of trigger would keep on firing the rounds till the bullet-feed becomes empty or till the weapon jammed or till the trigger is released. 

Safe Mode:
You can't fire in this mode. Used to ensure that the weapon doesn't accidentally discharge.

    Have you ever fired from one of those fully automatic firearms? All I fired is a 0.22' deluxe training rifle, thanks to NCC. Love weapons? Ever thought of building a new weapon *either fictitious or true* Do let me know for sure!!

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Sarah Tokeley said...

I've never even seen a real gun, much less fired one!

I think I might learn a lot from your posts :-)

Laura Barnes said...

This info could prove very useful in one of my books. Great theme!

Stephsco said...

Everything I know about guns comes from video games; short controlled bursts are best with an automatic. In real life I've fired a hunting rifle at a tin can, so that's about it. What an interesting theme!

Unknown said...

I've fired my husband's hunting rifles and his glock handgun. Very useful theme. :)

baygirl32 said...

I can fire a hunting rifle - that's about all

Happy A to Z

Joy V. Smith said...

Cool category! I really enjoy a theme. (Mine is the west and Detour Trail.)

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