Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Motivation to Blog

Hello All,

How is everything going at your end? Hope you are doing well!!!

Well, though I ain't very busy, I haven't been posting on the blog on a regular basis!! Looks like my lethargy has spread even into the area of blogging. The other day, I was going through my old dairy and became quite sad coz there were many a things I was supposed to accomplish by now. Its like I am finding it hard to convince myself that I haven't done awesome things yet and that I don't deserve to relax all the time.It looks like my heart wants a long break.

After great thought, shredding lots of thoughts (on paper) and killing much more time I decided to treat myself, sometime in future with horse-riding lessons provided I get down to proper proportions *read weight*, do well @Graduation Exams and of course keep blogging, enjoy active social life and work to bone for my goals @Career.

Well, sounds impossible right? Dunno!! I am gonna give my best to it!! Let me post the results on this blog soon!!

You ever had this problem? Ever had many a things to do and yet did nothing? Ever thought of motivating yourself with a treat? What were such treats? Did they all help???

with warm regards
Abhishek Boinapalli


Kajal said...

such an honest, straight from the heart moment. loved it totally....

So glad to have found you at Indiblogger. Your newest follower and a regular visitor now.

Christine Murray said...

I have this problem all the time. I find breaking my goals down into smaller chunks helps, if I achieve one small thing the momentum usually carries on to the rest of my to do list. Usually.

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