Sunday, March 4, 2012


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Hello Everyone,

Hope you are enjoying the weekend and having awesome time on the Blog-O-Sphere just like me, finding new people, new concepts, learning new things and taking it all just on the go!!

When I saw the topic for the Blog-A-Ton this month, I felt I am in. Literally the topic seems to be very much about me. So I am gonna speak to myself here today, on this blog. Here is my entry for: Blog-A-Ton:

     For an idiot, who knows not a thing about reading maps, traversing using road signs and asking/listening to directions, Journey can be very very tiring in itself unless it is a pleasant chopper ride with an all resourceful pilot.

     So, I despise the journey many a times and don't understand why I have to go through it all without a purpose. And when the journey I am speaking about is my life itself, things become more and more complicated. 

    Lots of dreams in my life, most of them so absurd that they can be called day-dreams and nothing else. Each dream is a world in itself, a huge destination. Each dream requires attention, time, a brand new skill set , dedication and passion. 

    All is so well when thinking about the dreams, when imagining how life would be after reaching each of those destinations, when day-dreaming about the awe I would inspire in my fellow men at the destination but that isn't the case when it comes to putting efforts needed in transit all the way to the goal.

   All I would do is pray to god, in whom I don't have the strongest faith and then relax back, laugh at myself for being in shit and distance myself from the shit convincing my heart that I don't belong here and shall reach heights with almost no pains, just by grace of god alone, by destiny, by luck and by conspiracy of the entire world.

   Again, life isn't a story to be told alone but meant to live, enjoy, feel and much more. Am I not right? *I know .. I am right all the time*. So no issues, though every destination teaches new things, holds an adventure for me and though I am sure I would eventually reach every destination to leave a mark there, sometimes I still despise the journey in itself.

    Tell me your opinion on this topic, your feelings about life being a journey and whether your Journey means a destination alone or more than that? How do you feel?

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aativas said...

Liked the idea of equating dreams with journey and multiple destinations in one life. Reflective post.

D2 said...

Day-dreaming takes our mind places and makes us do things we may not have imagined we would ever do.
All the best for BAT. :)

Anonymous said...

I am also one among those who day dreams, who thinks if only the journey could be easy, and half the times gives up mid way while heading for the destination! But its all good, at parts not good too, but its a box full of surprises .. Dreams and journey are so alike ..and you have penned it quite naturally ! :)

Abhishek said...


Thanks for dropping by!!

yeah they are some of the thoughts I am going through right now!! ha Ha!!

Hope the journey would turn interesting too!!

Someone is Special said...

Count me in......... According to me Life is a journey with unexpected twists towards destination............................

just another wake up call said...

life is a journey.. true.. but aren't dreams just dreams or destinations that one would like to reach..once they are achieved, they could be perceived as destinations that one has reached.. (my take!) but yours is interesting too.. :)

Anonymous said...

AS per me ..

I would be happy .. to enjoy the journey in the comfort of LIMOes .. choppers and such!!

I meant .. life is cool if you reach a stage ..

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