Monday, September 10, 2012

Author Interview -- Dee Doanes

Hello All, 
Today I have Dee Doanes the Author of The Man With the Green Suitcase doing a author interview for us.

Here we go:

Tell us about your book in a few sentences.
An old, homeless, mysterious man with a battered green suitcase has the unique power of showing visions to people about themselves and their lives that then come true. He has no memory of who he is. He has no control over his visions, but the visions always appear at a time when they are needed to help someone bring about a transformation in his or her life.
How did the plot for this book develop?
I woke up at 2 a.m. and thought of a poem I had written several years ago called The Man With the Green Suitcase. Aloud, I recited some lines from the poem, “His face filled with sweat. His eyes filled with fire. He’s waiting to be reborn. Until then he’s just walking. Just walking.” Those words were so strong inside my head. I thought, aha, this is the book! I ran to my computer to find the old poem since I couldn’t remember all the lines. I immediately wrote the ending—the last chapter of my book and went from there to develop the plot.

When did you decide that you must be an author?
I’ve bee writing since the age of six, so it wasn’t a conscious decision it was simply what I was born to do. As a child I always liked to read and write and had quite the imagination. I loved creating characters for stories.
Do you see yourself in any of the characters? Explain briefly.
My characters are flawed and trying to better themselves. They really have challenging moments and it’s hard for them. Valerie is a prostitute trying to get out of the business, Gerald is a corrupt businessman that needs to change his ways, and Chantal is a burned woman that lost her beauty. I can relate to making major changes in myself to be a better person. I’m constantly finding ways to improve myself. We all go through moments where we make bad choices. But hopefully we learn from our mistakes so we can live better lives.

Any further books or projects in the pipe?
I plan on getting the current book made into a movie, working on a new book, releasing a book of poetry, and doing poetry readings.
What’s one piece of advice from you to aspiring writers?
Be professional and joyful with your craft. Perfect your dialogue, improve your narration, and tighten up your plot.

Your favourite book and why?
Hmmm…it so hard to choose just one! But White Fang by Jack London caught my fancy as a child. The imagery in his book is so vivid. London really put you inside the head of what a wolf thinks. Every pain White Fang felt, I felt too. This is what reading a good book does to you!

Writer’s resources which everyone must have.
Besides keeping up with the great Another Author Blog, writers need to read other top book blogging sites. Join a writers group or association. Some good forums for writers are: and .

Your most rewarding experience as an author?
I love connecting with readers of all types to hear what they think about my writing and other author’s writing.

Your favourite quote about writing, creativity, motivation, etc.
This is a quote from a poem I wrote about writing that’s on the dedication page of my book: “When asked why I write, I say it is why I breathe. How I make my heart beat with life. It must be done so I can exist.”

Where can we find you online? How to reach you?
Here's where to find my book:
Available on Amazon. Kindle 99 cents
Paperback $19.99
Barnes and Noble 99 cents
You can find out more info about me on and email me at


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