Sunday, September 9, 2012

Book Feature -- How to Make $250 with 3D printer.

Hello All,

Today I have the book blurb of Christopher D Winnan's "How to Make $250 a day with 3D Printer".

3D printing is now at that same exciting stage that microcomputers reached back in 1975, when visionaries such as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were just about to make their very first millions. The Altair 8800 was the first of many personal computers that would revolutionise our entire way of life, and the same is happening now with 3D printers. The Economist has already described this as 'the third industrial revolution,' while Forbes states that 'additive manufacturing' as 3D printing is also known, will 'change the world.'

The rapid transition from obscure hobbyist product to mainstream consumer item is happening fast. Back in the late seventies, owning a PC largely meant that you had to build it yourself. At the end of the decade, the BBC decided that as the public service broadcaster of the UK, they were going to become early adopters of this revolutionary new technology, firstly by producing an educational documentary series on these new-fangled home computers, but also by backing one of the first small PC manufacturers. In 1979, an almost unknown company called Acorn had sales of a mere three thousand pounds, but was persuaded to produce the first BBC microcomputer. Just four years later in July of 1983, profits had rocketed to an enormous 8.6 million pounds, and in September of the same year, the company went public with a market capitalisation of a staggering 135 million pounds.

3D printing is at a very similar stage in its development at the moment, with just one major difference, the growth is much more accelerated than it was with the PC. It is estimated that there are already 30,000 people out there with 3D printers, that they have built themselves from kits and open source plans that are freely available on line, and thanks to the internet and the nature of 3D printers, this number is increasing virally. 3D printers have one huge advantage over PCs and that is that they can pretty much replicate themselves, a fact that is driving down the price very rapidly.

A 3D printer can turn a digital file into a physical object, either by loading a design or by scanning an object with their smart phone. The machine then constructs the object layer by layer, even creating moveable parts, different colors and a variety of materials from biodegradable plastics all the way up to titanium alloys. This obviously means less waste and an endless amount of design possibilities.

We are now at a stage when 3D printers are reaching a parity with iPads in terms of both price and ease of use. And of course, there are big profits to be made in this transition. This ebook is not about the technology itself but ways in which it can be leveraged by small businesses and home based entrepreneurs. Just as books on successful internet marketing do not cover technical maintenance of your PC, this ebook is focussed on how to profit from these devices, not how to build them.

Each chapter looks a burgeoning niche market that is crying out for 3D products as well as real world examples of entrepreneurs that are breaking new ground in these fields. Whether you want to make $250 dollars per day with one of these machines, or simply want to keep up with the latest technological developments, this is the book for you.

Wishing Christopher all success
Abhishek Boinapalli


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