Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Book Blog Tour -- Yvonne Mikell

Hello All,

     We are happy to announce that we would be organizing our first Book Blog Tour. Hoping you all would help us and make a grand success.

   The tour is held to promote Getting Roosevelt -- A Homeowner's Nightmare  by Yvonne Mikell. This is a week long tour running from 16th of September to 22 of September with a minimum of 5 stops. So, bloggers, kindly sign up if you are interested in hosting Yvonne Mikell and helping her with her book.

To qualify, a host must have
  • A blog, preferably on books, writing, love of reading or related genres
  • Good socialmedia presence
  • Good number of followers (minimum of 100) 
  • Should be updated at-least thrice in last 30 days.

Every blog host would get 
  • A link from our site (from sidebar) which would be online for three months
  • A chance to enter $10 amazon gift card lucky draw or claim a $2.5 amazon gift card directly.
  • Would be given discounts when using services of AnotherAuthor in future 
Bloggers Sign Up Here:

Note: Blog tour schedule would be posted on 14th September 2012 on this blog with further updates. Stay tuned.

Wishing Yvonne Mikell all success
Abhishek Boinapalli


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