Saturday, March 31, 2012

A for Automatic Firearm

Hello Everyone,

  From today, kicks off the A - Z blogging challenge and as mentioned earlier I would be posting on interesting things about weapons *both fictitious and real* and other technology from science fiction books, military fiction books...

Automatic Firearm

  Today I would like to post about the most common military hardware viz the Automatic Firearm. As the name suggests, the firearm is capable of loading itself from magazine / feed device *like belts, chains,...* once it is fired. In other words, once fired, the firearm prepares itself to be fired again by ejecting the empty (or spent) cartridge case, loading a new one into the barrel. This is usually done by harnessing the recoil of rifle or using propellent gases. A simple graphic display by would explain the same in great detail.

  Some of the automatic firearms come with selective firing modes which help the firearm bearer excise much control on his weapon, firing and ammunition. The basic modes include:

Single Fire:
A single pull of trigger would fire a single bullet. The next round (or bullet) would be loaded but wouldn't be fired
Automatic Firearm

Burst Fire:
A single pull of trigger would fire a pre-determined number of rounds. The number of rounds depends on the make of the firearm and is usually 2 or 3. 

Automatic Fire:
A single pull of trigger would keep on firing the rounds till the bullet-feed becomes empty or till the weapon jammed or till the trigger is released. 

Safe Mode:
You can't fire in this mode. Used to ensure that the weapon doesn't accidentally discharge.

    Have you ever fired from one of those fully automatic firearms? All I fired is a 0.22' deluxe training rifle, thanks to NCC. Love weapons? Ever thought of building a new weapon *either fictitious or true* Do let me know for sure!!

with warm regards

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Technology -- Interconnected

Technology Innovations, Technology
Technology Innovations.
    We tend to forget that the latest shiny gadgets that abound in our modern world would be pointless without the backup that enables them to work. The factors that enable these things to be used are inter-dependent on a complex range of other technologies, most of which are beyond both our comprehension and our control. On an everyday level, how useful is a mobile phone when the batteries run out and what can you do with a car that has no petrol?

Mahindra Axe civilian, Mahindra Axe, Mahindra SUV, Mahindra SUV for army, army truck technology,
Mahindra Axe 
   Far more complicated are the myriad support systems required to make much of our high-end technology function. As a military example, a standard heat-seeking missile requires special fuel, a dedicated warhead, computers that control the guidance system, gyroscopic stabilizing and an on-board self-destruct mechanism. Without all of these, the rocket is simply a scrap-bin of very expensive parts heading into the blue yonder.

    Even the sciences that have brought us that most commonplace of military hardware, the firearm, are wholly dependent on external factors that many shooters do not understand. The steel used must be of the correct grade, the barrel must be bored perfectly straight and sights properly aligned. The ammunition has to be consistently manufactured, with reliable primers,
Sniper Rifle, Rifle technology, technology, Sniper gun,
Sniper Rifle.
high-quality powder and bullets that are identical in weight and shape, and with ballistic properties that exactly match the requirements of the
Technology - Kid - Gadgets
weapon. Failure to adhere to each and every one of these criteria will result in a gun that shoots high or low, misses the target completely or has a point of impact that differs with every shot. These results are not what the shooter demands or expects,  particularly when the man behind the trigger is a combat soldier and his life  depends on the reliability and accuracy of his small arms.
    The above content is from an old, torn copy of SNIPER RIFLES From the 19th to 21st century by MARTIN PEGLER. Aren't they wonderful? I always thought as long as my mobile works, why do I need to bother about who made it / why it works / why I must clean it ... 

Technology and Humans, Technology, Human Technology, Kids and technology
Technology and Humans

   The same way, I felt why do I need to study electronics, processors, timing waveforms and such when all I am gonna do is just some programming in the luxury of my cubicle. But now, after reading these three paragraphs, that aint the case. It looks like everything is so interconnected and so cool. Every single task seems important *in the manufacture of Rifles...*
   Damn it all. There is a lot I still need to understand. What are your thoughts about this? Ever felt / thought this way?

with warm regards
Abhshek Boinapalli

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A - Z Blogfest -- Theme

Hello Everyone,

 Just like the last year, I am gonna participate in the A - Z blogfest once again. I actually had fun last time. Could post a lot of excerpts from many a books I read. Its time of the year when I once again post something as cool as the excerpts!!

  The concept at A - Z blogfest is quite simple. Through-out the month of April, I need to post a total of 26 posts on this blog. One post on each letter letter of the English Language. *Its just like .. A for Apple, B for Bat ... the way it went in Kindergarten*.

  So, I was wondering if weapons would be a good theme this time. I have seen a lot of fictional weapons in many a military fiction / science fiction books I read. Probably it would be good an idea to post a little and give credit to the creative mind which conceived these weapons!! 

   Wondering where to check out my entries for this blogfest the previous year? Visit this link.  What would you say? Participated in A-Z blogfest earlier? Know someone who participated? What is your / their theme? Got any fictional weapons for me? The list of posts I am done with till now, this year include

with warm regards
Abhishek Boinapalli

Friday, March 23, 2012

Funny One Piece

Hello Everyone,

   Being one of the biggest fan of OnePiece, I just wanna share a few funny videos from One Piece. *One Piece is an anime, in which Monkey D. Luffy wants to become pirate King*

  Hope you like them all. Fan of anime? Love them? What is your anime?
with warm regards
Abhishek Boinapalli

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Motivation to Blog

Hello All,

How is everything going at your end? Hope you are doing well!!!

Well, though I ain't very busy, I haven't been posting on the blog on a regular basis!! Looks like my lethargy has spread even into the area of blogging. The other day, I was going through my old dairy and became quite sad coz there were many a things I was supposed to accomplish by now. Its like I am finding it hard to convince myself that I haven't done awesome things yet and that I don't deserve to relax all the time.It looks like my heart wants a long break.

After great thought, shredding lots of thoughts (on paper) and killing much more time I decided to treat myself, sometime in future with horse-riding lessons provided I get down to proper proportions *read weight*, do well @Graduation Exams and of course keep blogging, enjoy active social life and work to bone for my goals @Career.

Well, sounds impossible right? Dunno!! I am gonna give my best to it!! Let me post the results on this blog soon!!

You ever had this problem? Ever had many a things to do and yet did nothing? Ever thought of motivating yourself with a treat? What were such treats? Did they all help???

with warm regards
Abhishek Boinapalli

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Author Interview: Amy Peterson: Part Two

Hello Everyone,
      Hope you all enjoyed the Author Interview of Ms.  Amy Peterson here. This post is a continuation of the same.

What was the difficult part of writing this “the stepmother” book? 
I was concerned about the kids’ feelings, so gave them time to review the book and bribe me not to publish it. When I didn’t receive any bribes or “please don’t“ comments, I felt comfortable moving forward. (And they’re all still speaking to me, so that’s probably a good sign, too). I did change their names to maintain their privacy and because of things like Tip # 44: You cannot trade a bad child for a good head of lettuce. I was also a bit concerned about the ex-wife in the story. By using Ex (without any name), I made the Ex typical of an Ex in any stepmother’s story—someone not to like or dislike, but to perhaps avoid as long as possible and eventually deal with, “with humor, and, perhaps, a few twisted thoughts.”

Tell us a little about the book cover.
The cover is based on my wedding cake, which I designed. While my cake had clear fish and bubbles, the graphic designer included some great color for the cover. And while our cake didn’t have kids in the boat with the bride and groom, I insisted on that for the cover. I love pointing out to women that the bride’s fishing pole is connected to a larger fish than the groom’s. Not that I’m competitive or anything. 

Is this your first book? Future plans about writing? Any projects in the pipeline now? 
This is my first book and I intend to heavily market it for the next few months before I dive into finishing up my next book. It’s the humorous story of how I found myself caring for and spoiling a bunch of pets my husband “always wanted,” including frogs, iguanas, hedgehogs, ferrets, mice, gerbils, dogs, a cat, a rabbit and a domestic duck. It will be similar to the stepmother book in that it will be a humorous book with tips. I share some fun wildlife encounters as well.

A few tips / suggestions to young writers about writing in particular? 
When most people finish writing a book, there’s usually no party thrown like when we have birthdays or babies. (In fact, there are no parties when women take on four stepkids, either.) So realize that you’re writing for yourself and be prepared for the hard work that begins when the book is done. It’s all about marketing. Keep looking for opportunities like this one—the exposure is priceless, and for that, Abhishek, I thank you.

A few tips / suggestions to writers on being funny and painting a humorous picture? 
I think to write humor you almost have to step away from the situation and try to re-live it as if you were watching someone else. At the time I was groping my way along becoming a stepmother, it wasn’t always funny, but as an outsider looking back at my fumbling my way through, I could find a lot of humor in it. I am also fortunate to be able to find humor in every-day things. I mean, how many women get fishing lures for Valentine’s Day? How many people drive an hour to see their stepkid play a lacrosse game and take numerous great photos of the wrong kid? And how many women have two fun female pals willing to pose with a chip clip on their nose while searching for snowy owls at a wastewater treatment plant? Those are all things I’ve blogged about.

Final note: It’s Read an E-book Week March 4-9. Check out From Zero to Four Kids in Thirty Seconds on
Hoping Ms. Would become highly successful.

Abhishek Boinapalli

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Author Interview: Amy Peterson: Part One

Author Interview, Book Author Interview, Interviews, Books
Author Interview
Morning Everyone,

    Hope everyone had a great weekend and are starting the week with a bang. To make your week a little more interesting I have an Author Interview staring Amy Peterson the author of From Zero to Four Kids in Thirty Seconds

The book is quite humorous and is available on Amazon here.


Kindly introduce yourself to the blog audience.

author amy peterson, amy peterson pictures
Author Amy Perterson
I am the stepmother of four kids, wife of an obsessed fisherman, caretaker of over a dozen fuzzy pets, author, blogger, grant manager, photographer and outdoor nut. I blog at about nature, pets and life, most of which are light hearted and filled with photos. My book From Zero to Four Kids in Thirty Seconds was published as an e-book on in late December and I’ve been marketing every since. The paperback version will be available on Amazon the week of March 4. A wonderful review of my book was posted by veteran reviewer Joy V. Smith on The New Book Review on February 12—she likened my work to Erma Bombeck. Quotes from Joy’s review and a few others are on my new landing page here 

Tell us a little more about your book and about what prompted you to write the book? 

From Zero to Four Kids in Thirty Seconds is my humorous story of becoming a stepmom to four kids, ages three, five, 13 and 15. I wrote it because some of the other books about becoming stepmoms are as uplifting as lead balloons, or downright scary. My casual writing style is intended to invite people to get to know me as I show what it’s like to dive in head first without a clue what I was getting into. I also use fun chapter titles and include 70 tips which are humorous and helpful. Consider Tip #11: If your first meeting with the children doesn’t go well, rest assured it won’t be the last thing that won’t go well.

You went from Zero to Four Kids in Thirty Seconds. How was it? Give us your comment on the same? 

It was overwhelming and wonderful and stressful and a lot to adjust to and worth every moment. The kids were great: the two youngest (at three and five) were adorable and always excited to see me, and they didn’t seem to care that I didn’t know how to transform a Transformer or change a diaper on a doll (I was a bit of a tomboy growing up). The two older kids were teenagers and they were very good kids, too, though typical teenagers. Consider Tip #22: A teenager can say “I love you, I hate you, you’re cool, you suck,” in one breath to the same person. And mean every word.

Have you ever seriously considered duct taping them all together and sending them out so that you can have a moment’s peace? Kindly elaborate. 

book cover, from zero to four kids in thrity seconds
From Zero to Four Kids In 30 Sec
Great question! Chapter 9 of my book is called “Can’t We Just Duct Tape Them Together and Send Them Outside?” and it shows the fun of having four kids in a small apartment for the month of July. To get some peace and quiet, I took up rollerblading to escape for a while. That lasted about a week—until my beau found rollerblades for the kids at a garage sale. Even as I sought ways to find some time for myself, though, I didn’t think seriously about duct taping them together, any more than we would have carried through with the threat of strapping them naked to a flag pole if they whined about the used bikes we bought them at an auction. You’ll see that in Chapter 12: “So Nice Not to Meet You,” which is about dealing with ex-spouses and financial inequity.

What do your kids say about the book? Are they all enthusiastic about it? Especially what do the teenagers say? 

The book’s epilogue shares that the kids are all grown up now—the youngest is 22 and will graduate from college in April. So part of what I think my book offers is that the kids all “survived” me being their stepmom, which gives it some credibility. I think the kids would all be thrilled for me if the book became a bestseller. Or even a close-to-best seller. Or even if I sold enough copies to break even.

NOTE From Amy Peterson:
It’s Read an E-book Week March 4-9. Check out From Zero to Four Kids in Thirty Seconds on

     Hope you all enjoyed reading about Ms. Amy Peterson. Kindly drop-in by her blog and let her know the same. Visit back tomorrow for the rest of the interview.
with warm regards

Abhishek Boinapalli

Sunday, March 4, 2012


This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 25; the Silver Edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton. The topic for this month is 'When Journey Meant More Than Destination'.

Hello Everyone,

Hope you are enjoying the weekend and having awesome time on the Blog-O-Sphere just like me, finding new people, new concepts, learning new things and taking it all just on the go!!

When I saw the topic for the Blog-A-Ton this month, I felt I am in. Literally the topic seems to be very much about me. So I am gonna speak to myself here today, on this blog. Here is my entry for: Blog-A-Ton:

     For an idiot, who knows not a thing about reading maps, traversing using road signs and asking/listening to directions, Journey can be very very tiring in itself unless it is a pleasant chopper ride with an all resourceful pilot.

     So, I despise the journey many a times and don't understand why I have to go through it all without a purpose. And when the journey I am speaking about is my life itself, things become more and more complicated. 

    Lots of dreams in my life, most of them so absurd that they can be called day-dreams and nothing else. Each dream is a world in itself, a huge destination. Each dream requires attention, time, a brand new skill set , dedication and passion. 

    All is so well when thinking about the dreams, when imagining how life would be after reaching each of those destinations, when day-dreaming about the awe I would inspire in my fellow men at the destination but that isn't the case when it comes to putting efforts needed in transit all the way to the goal.

   All I would do is pray to god, in whom I don't have the strongest faith and then relax back, laugh at myself for being in shit and distance myself from the shit convincing my heart that I don't belong here and shall reach heights with almost no pains, just by grace of god alone, by destiny, by luck and by conspiracy of the entire world.

   Again, life isn't a story to be told alone but meant to live, enjoy, feel and much more. Am I not right? *I know .. I am right all the time*. So no issues, though every destination teaches new things, holds an adventure for me and though I am sure I would eventually reach every destination to leave a mark there, sometimes I still despise the journey in itself.

    Tell me your opinion on this topic, your feelings about life being a journey and whether your Journey means a destination alone or more than that? How do you feel?

The fellow Blog-a-Tonics who took part in this Blog-a-Ton and links to their respective posts can be checked here. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton.
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