Saturday, April 30, 2011

Quotes from Pride and Prejudice

Hello Everyone,

 Quotes!! We all love quotes, don't we? They become catchy over time and we all start quoting them whenever needed. So here are some cool quotes from a book which I plan to read sometime later every time I come across it, I mean the PRIDE AND PREJUDICE. Are there any such books for you?? You wanna check it out, but never never find time for it??

Here are the quotes. Let me know how you feel about them:

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.

I have been meditating on the very great pleasure which a pair of fine eyes in the face of a pretty woman can bestow.

A lady's imagination is very rapid; it jumps from admiration to love, from love to matrimony, in a moment

The power of doing anything with quickness is always prized much by the possessor, and often without any attention to the imperfection of the performance.

I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading! How much sooner one tires of anything than of a book! When I have a house of my own, I shall be miserable if I have not an excellent library.

What are your favorite quotes from this book?? Well, just to remind everyone, I am surely gonna have a library in my home. (I already have the entire books on the web at my disposal!! Ha Ha)  What about you??

with warm regards

What if?? A dragon is by your side???

Hello Everyone,

This day, in the history of blogging, the A - Z blog-fest for the year 2011 comes to an end. I am franatically trying to complete all the posts I am due. Well, for the letter V, I am choosing to post an excerpt from Voyage on Dawn Treader.

Well, almost everyone, knows about the Chronicles of Narnia, which revolve around creation of Narnia and the destruction of the same, the pride and strength of Aslan and the bravery of Peter, Susan, Edward, Lucy and of the other important characters. 

Posting something from Voyage on Dawn Treader is very very hard. There are hell lot of quotes I love from Repicheep. But, I choose to post something different. Here is the excerpt

Meanwhile Eustace slept and slept - and slept. What woke him was a pain in his arm. The moon was shining in at the mouth of the cave, and the bed of treasures seemed to have grown much more comfortable: in fact he could hardly feel it at all. He was puzzled by the pain in his arm at first, but presently it occurred to him that the bracelet which he had shoved up above his elbow had become strangely tight. His arm must have swollen while he was asleep (it was his left arm).

He moved his right arm in order to feel his left, but stopped before he had moved it an inch and bit his lip in terror. For just in front of him, and a little on his right, where the moonlight fell clear on the floor of the cave, he saw a hideous shape moving. He knew that shape: it was a dragon's claw. It had moved as he moved his hand and became still when he stopped moving his hand.

"Oh, what a fool I've been," thought Eustace. "Of course, the brute had a mate and it's lying beside me."

Wow!!! Tell me, how would you feel, waking up, to know that there is a dragon by your side?? What will you do?? Are you gonna be scared?? Well, me??? I am gonna die of heart attack for sure. What about you???

with warm regards

T for Templates

Hello Everyone,

    I am left with a lot of posts for the A - Z blog challenge. Hope, I complete them soon. I just found a wonderful book and intend to share about it with everyone. The book has the potential to change your paper into awesome one in just five minutes.

     Writing templates are skeletal syntactic frameworks-parts of sentences or paragraphs with blanks to fill in with words of your choice.

       They are valuable because they help the reader understand better what you are saying. They help you, the writer, with organization, and they help you to develop the kinds of sentence, paragraph and paper structure that strong writers display.

      They are error-free and the diction is at higher level. Hence exploiting these templates will surely improve your presentation / essay / ...

Eg. Template:

"___ are the ___ breakfast food"

Sentences that can be made out of this template include:
  • Eggs are the most delicious breakfast food
  • Vegetables are the staple breakfast food
  • Donuts are the most delicious breakfast food

        This is a simple, crude and raw example to begin with. Hell lot of such templates, well classified as per needs,  meeting every purpose of yours can be found in the "Writing Template Book" by Kevin B. King

Some similar cool templates are:
  • Whether __ or not is a / an question. It raises further questions: When ___? Where __? Why ___?
  • The most important questions about ___ are simple ones. ___ and if so, ____? Only by answering these questions ___.

      Well, try to use the above two templates while posting your comments and let me know how you feel about the book. Please do grab a copy of the book here:

with warm regards
Abhishek Boinapalli

Friday, April 29, 2011

Call 4 world peace

We are blessed with a beautiful nature indeed.
But we still keep fighting for useless things.

The fate of humanity,
depends on each one of us.
If we kill it, in peace we’ll
never be able to dwell

With terrorism spreading
its venom by the day,
the innocents are dying for
no fault of theirs.
Our future depends on corrupt politicians of the day.

Humans, they weep and beg for love,
we must be ashamed, coz we can’t love anymore.

The world is changing, into fire of hell.
A few ones are waiting for an awakening bell.

Who can ring it & free us from blinding,
that lies in human heart of darkness.

The affection of religion towards the other,
has fallen apart at the border.

So what if you belong to another nation
humanity awaits for you at every station.

Just go grab it, nothing it costs,
not more than a smile that can wipe your loss

The world looks like what the society makes it look,
so using a calm mind with ease
lets change the world of terror into peace.

This poem is found Published in Deccan Chronicle  on Friday, 2/11/20119 in Warangal local edition. I loved it and am posting it here now.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Excuse for War???

Hello Everyone,

      Here is a well defined plot by Matthew Reilly in his book ScareCrow which revolves around bounty hunt for people who can stop a century of destruction. I am very much impressed by the plot and intend to share it. So here is the excerpt from the book explaining the plot:

   The "Chameleon" project, however, is far more sinister. Indeed, it is perhaps the most sinister program ever devised by the United States. It centres on the missiles themselves. You see, the missiles mentioned in the document are not pure Shahabs or Taep'o-Dongs. 'Rather, they are US-built clones of those missiles. 

What you have to understand is that every major missile in the world has its own personal characteristics: flight signature, contrail wake, even the blast signature left after an impact. Chameleon is designed to exploit these differences. It is a deep-black US project under which America is building intercontinental ballistic missiles that mimic the characteristics of ICBMs built by other countries.

Clone missiles.

But Chameleon isn't limited to Iranian Shahabs and North Korean Taep'o-Dongs. Other missiles that have been cloned include the Indian Agni-II, the Pakistani Ghauri-II, the Taiwanese Sky Horse, the UK Trident-II D-5, the French M-5, the Israeli Jericho 2B, and of course the Russian SS-18.

'They are designed to start wars, but to make it look like someone else fired the first shot. If ever the US needs an excuse to wage war, it simply fires a clone of whichever country it seeks to blame.

Hope you guys loved it, in case you come across plots like the one discussed above and this one, please do let me know. I love things like this.

with warm regards

Sensational Haiku Wednesday

Hello Everyone,
    The world of writing is marvelous. Due to hell lot of writing contents, writing prompts and challenges. 

     This post is in response to "Sensational Haiku Wednesday" hosted by JENN on her website. The concept is very simple. Jenn puts up a theme for a week on her blog. We are all supposed to create Haiku based on the theme.
      This week's theme is freestyle. That is to post anything I like.  Here is my attempt at Haiku.

On tops of waves
there goes down, sun of the oceans
trying to paint highlights

hangs low, on this evening
at the soda fountain

walking on and on
in her company, I too feel
the sea, this evening

Well, How was that?? Better than my previous one??
with warm regards


Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Hello Everyone,

    For the post on W for the A - Z blog fest, I am over-riding my theme. I am gonna post about my dream viz WhiteBeard. White Beard, is one of the most deadliest pirate in the entire world. Well this is a character from One Piece my favorite anime 

    The White Beard aka Edward NewGate was famous for many reasons with the most important one says "He will never ever forgive anyone who harms his nakama. He is the ruler of sea and shouldn't be angered by plotting against one of his nakama"

    Well, One day, I intend to set up an organization named WhiteBeards. I am gonna invite all my friends viz spl, captian, eva, shark, iva, shanks, buggy, brook, ... into it.

    Well, this is gonna be a non-profit based organization. I am gonna pay all those buddies of mine for two reasons viz for spending cool time with me thereby making my life memorable and for spending time into charity stuff thereby making world a better place to live

    The activities of WhiteBeards will be very very simple, They play for a week, They do charity stuff for a week & then run behind their own dreams and passions for two weeks

    The striking feature is, once someone joins WhiteBeards, they will never never be fired and shall always be paid for because "when people are secure and are paid for what they love to do, they become happier, they work better and keep going all time" as told by Mr. Richard Rich Sr.

Hope I set this organization soon.

My Life

Mine be a life in the woods,
where glow worm maketh the light.
With no life beyond the merry sound,
of dark & solemn air, of a summer’s night.

Allowed to learn to bend the arms,
to earth, where the springs of life
emerge, as is known to goats & cows,
which don’t read the dull & endless strife.

With power to react with self,
away from terrible beckoning of technology.
Far from the race for power & pelf,
with time to study nature & theology.

Sure, my dreams are put aside.
In this poor life, full of care
& are forgotten to fade
away with no time to stare

Liked the poem?? Let me know how you feel about it!!!

with warm regards

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Now Starring Blog-fest

Hello Everyone,

This post is in response to the Now-Starring-Blog-Fest. This blog-fest is organized by Rapturous Randomocity. Everyone of us have dreamt, at some time or the other, that our WIP would be the next big block buster. The blog-fest derives its concept from this dream and can be explained as follows:
  1. Choose 4-6 of your lead characters. 
  2. Tell a little about each of the characters
  3. Pick any actor or actress, they’re all at your disposal who would play as your characters
  4. Tell everyone, why, apart from appearance, this particular performer makes you think they’ll do your baby justice.
I dunno much about actors and movies but still, I am gonna try. My WIP is a military fiction and has hell lot of action. So here is my entry:

Edward Newgate:
 A officer from the Indian Army, who goes beyond all odds to save his men. He is willing to question the authority of his commander just to ensure that his men are safe and yet always manages to achieve the objective with extra personal hard-work. I think, I would use Brad-Pitt for this role. Why?? His performance in Troy is cool. He intends to take revenge for his fallen comrade. Cool performance there and that is what I require.

Captain Akshara Shanks:
   A kick ass army officer, who intends to quit from army and become a full time author. Joined the army in the foot-steps of her father without choice. Intends to ensure that her brother doesn't end up as army brat like her just because his life is shadowed and measured based on his dad's success @ army. I think, I will use Anegelena Jolie for his role. She is the only action based heroine I know.

This is all for my entry. Four  - Six characters?? I am posting about the other characters below, but can't decide upon cast for I see no movies. Ha Ha!! 

Sgt.  Tony:
    Well, I didn't completely develop this character as of yet. All I know is, Tony is very strict and disciplined when it comes to training. Doesn't give a shit about how harse the punishments are. Everyone just loves him for the way he trains and curses him like hell.

Ms. Ammu:
  The girl of Edward Newgate. Good at heart, beautiful and true christian. Loves everyone around without reason and has a promising career in pharmacy due to her high intelligence and confidence levels. Probably I can choose some glam doll for this character viz Emma Watson / someone like that!!

with warm regards  

Bold New Approach -- Winners Stand Alone

Hello Everyone,

    Most of the readers of this blog are writers, bloggers and avid readers of books. We all have read books. Praised some of books, recommended a few to our friends, discussed the various plots that make a good book and learnt a lot from each book we have read.

     For the post on W, for the A - Z blog fest, I choose a except from Winners Stand Alone of Paulo Coelho. This book, has some very very bold statements and ideologies. One such ideology is about fashion. You can understand the stand of this book on fashion, by reading the following excerpt:
fashion young girl, young girl fashion, cartoon
Fashion Girl

Fashion. Whatever can people be thinking? Do they think fashion is something that changes according to the season of the year? Did they really come from all corners of the world to show off their dresses, their jewelry, and their collection of shoes? They don’t  understand.
smiley, don't understand, sergeant smiley
“Fashion” is merely a way of saying: “I belong to your world. I’m wearing the same uniform as your army, so don’t shoot.” 

Ever since groups of men and women first started living together in caves, fashion has been the only language everyone can understand, even complete strangers. “We dress in the same way. I belong to  your tribe. Let’s gang up on the weaklings as a way of surviving.”
fashion, fashion young men

But some people believe that “fashion” is everything. Every six months, they spend a fortune changing some tiny detail in order to keep up their membership in the very exclusive tribe of the rich. If they were to visit Silicon Valley, where the billionaires of the IT industry wear plastic watches and beat-up jeans, they would understand that the world has changed;
    This is really cool right? A multimillion dollar industry, ridiculed and called out of place. What have you got to say about this? Will you be comfortable making such bold statements in you WIP?? Ever came across such bold theories??

with warm regards

Monday, April 25, 2011

Show, Not Tell, Crusader Challenge

Hello Everyone,

One more crusader challenge from Rach Wirtes. The concept of this challenge is simple. In 300 words or less, write a passage that shows (rather than tells) the following:

  • you're scared and hungry
  • it's dusk
  • you think someone is following you
  • and just for fun, see if you can involve all five senses AND include these random words: shimmer, saccadic, substance, and salt.
Well, here is my entry:


In few hours, the landscape would be shimmering in moonlight. "Small arms fire" the radio boomed just before a mortar blew up a section of road, ten meters from my pit.
"Damn it" I spoke
"What? Pissed again?" asked Iceman.
"This is shit." Scared, hungry, sleepless for three days with eyes watering from the desert sand, I and Iceman are trying to hole out front observers guiding the mortar fire.
"Not a single twitch, only the eyes. Enemy may spot you." Iceman is reciting the most famous training phrase.
"They call it saccadic movement. You know?"
"I hate English teachers" shouted he, before nailing another fucker
"His brain is blown clean" said I, sighting the kill. My senses are quite now during gunfire unlike earlier.
My heart skipped a beat and I hyperventilated, when out of nowhere, a body fell on me. I reached for my bayonet though it wasn’t necessary anymore. He must have crawled to this pit, unnoticed. Following our muzzle flashes in the mid of all action.

"Thanks Iceman. But did you see him before he almost killed me?"
"Smelled his salt ridden fatigues"
"Oh!! Cut the crap. You can’t smell a thing here”
“I am trained to look out for certain substances unlike you”
“I shouldn't have volunteered for this job."
“Here, take some candy” saying which Iceman pushed a candy bar towards me.
“Another rat, to the right”, I pointed out
3d Shoot Out, Shooting cartoons, cartoon shoot out, cartoon firing,
3 D Shoot Out
“Following you again?? You are good bait bro. Keep low” Iceman shouted.
“Fuck you all” shouted I before feeding the rat with 5.56mm

Probably I am bad at showing. I just dunno. Tell me how you felt? Am I showing or telling? What changes should I make in this entry to make it more better??
with warm regards

Life of Author

Hello Everyone,

    I have hell lot of my goals in my life. Some of them are so good, that people say I am day dreaming.  They are all my dreams but I dunno how
to start chasing them? What all I need to do were clear but I don't how to. When to?

    My dreams could be irrational but I intend to live
them all. So I was speaking to my Prof Prof Subbarangaiah Director VEDA IIT for he was special to me. His communication skills, his style and many a things in him fascinate him. I felt I could take his advice in these issues.

    Well, the talk between us could be useful to every young man out there trying to chase his dreams. So I thought I would put up a post or two about it.

    He told me, that a author intends to show happiness to people. In any book, the normal
characters create a heaven for themselves out of nothing, out of ordinary life. The reason could be anything low wonder threshold / different outlook towards common things / ...  This would only be possible if the author could see that happiness all the time. If the author could experience the same and help everyone.

    Well, that was something cool for me. I intend to become happy about everything from now on. I got
no other option. I must be happy else I can't enjoy my life and after all, Happiness is a decision in itself right???

with warm regards

Military Syndromes , Part 2

Hello Everyone,

 Please read the previous part of this post here

  The Texas Tower Syndrome comes into play a sniper starts shooting and he can't stop. It just feels so good--such an overwhelming sense of power--that he can't turn it off when there are no more legitimate targets left. He'll continue to shoot anyone in sight. It is a very real compulsion.

Munich Massacre Syndrome:
      A sniper spends most of his time watching. Observing. Getting to know his targets. Through his high-power spotting scope. He sees them when they smile, and sneeze, and eat a sandwich, and get drowsy, and as they manifest all the other little things that identify each of us as uniquely human.

 As the sniper spends hour after hour observing his targets through his spotting scope, he gets to know the people he is watching as human beings and he becomes intimate with them. And then, when the
order to shoot is given, he can't do it. He can't kill these people he has come to know; these people who are no threat to his life.
Olympic rings, Olympic symbol, terrorist threat olympics
 Olympic Rings

  At the Munich Olympics massacre in 1972, When the order was given to shoot the Black September terrorists who had taken eleven Israeli athletes hostage, the German police sharpshooters couldn't pull the trigger. They had observed the hostage-takers for such a long time, and developed such a sense of empathy for them, they couldn't bring themselves to kill people they felt they now knew. The terrorists were then able to kill the Israeli Olympic athletes under their control.

 with warm regards

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Military Syndromes, part 1

Hello Everyone,

    I just grabbed a copy of Inside Delta Force by Eric Lamar Haney the other day. It was really fascinating book to read.

    There are some cool syndromes suffered by military men as per the book. The are as follows just have a look at the same:

Rambo Syndrome:
    Nothing is impossible for those who don't actually have to do it. This syndrome plays havoc
when a mission is being planned by men who wouldn't be taking part in it and putting their own lives at risk.

Texas Tower Syndrome:
    When a sniper stars shooting and he can't stop, the result is massacre. This is called as
Texas Tower Syndrome referencing Charles Whitman's massacre of fourteen people from the bell tower of University of Texas in 1966

Continue reading here

with warm regards

Letting Weapons Loose???

Hello Everyone,

    I am a big fan of martian music, military stuff and military fiction. Here is and excerpt from ScareCrow a book by Matthew Reilly, about a bounty hunt for men who could stop a century of war. This post is in response to A - Z blog fest for the character S.

'"Turning and turning in the widening gyre, the falcon cannot hear the falconer. Things fall apart, the center cannot hold. Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world." Yeats, I believe.'

'Consider that poem by Yeats. I particularly love the notion of the falconer no longer being able to command his falcon. It suggests a nation that is no longer capable of controlling its most deadly weapon. The weapon has developed a mind of its own, realized its own deadly potential. It has outgrown its owner and attained dangerous independence.

'Now place that in the context of the US defense industry. What happens when the missile builders no longer choose to obey their masters? What happens when the military-industrial complex decides it no longer needs the United States Government?'

'The Scarecrow will stop you,' Gant said defiantly.

'Yes. Yes. The Scarecrow,' Killian said. 'Our mutual friend. He is a special one, isn't he? Did you know that the Council was so concerned about his presence on the list that they went to the trouble of arranging a sham mission to Siberia just to trap him? Needless to say, it didn't work.'


    Hope you loved the same. This a seriously and well planned plot in the book by Matthew Reilly. It is interesting.

      Please do let me know the most interesting plot you know from some book. I mean, see the way it is narrated with respect to some poem. Anything like that?? Have you seen??

with warm regards

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fret, A way of life

            An important aspect of life, an important emotion which never leaves me. My day starts with it & ends with the same. Early morning I fret that I am not allowed to sleep till 9’ am like my 13 year old sister. In day I fret for not having a bike, for not having a six pack, for not having Reebok, Addidas merchandise, for not having a separate room & most importantly I fret for I have to fret about all these issues. What is so important about all these reasons? Simple they make me feel good and are a sense pride.

           But such fret I have never seen in the faces of street children. I have many a things they don’t viz. parents, house, schooling, friends, meals, money… But they don’t fret. They smile and are happy why?

cartoon kids sharing seats, girls sharing bus seat cartoon clipart, clip art sharing seats, three child sharing seats
Cartoon Kids Sharing Seat
           It is something like this “I will be ashamed of having no shoe  till the time I see a man with no feet”. Yes I don’t have all that I wish for, but at least I have all that I want. In other words I am privileged & my world is different from the less privileged ones. So should I fret for being more privileged? Seems logically right. Not at all. I am privileged to have good parents, good schooling, good understanding then what am I to do? 

babies sharing caroon, black and white clipart babies sharing, kids sharing clipart, cartoon kids sharing
Babies Sharing Cartoon
         Share the same, but with whom? The more privileged ones or the inline privileged ones or the rest. Definitely with the rest but my (a+b)2 makes no meaning. Similarly my electronics textbook or even this article makes no difference to them. It means sharing of food, money, heart with them. It is like a sort of providing security , telling them that they shall not starve, that it is ok to be less privileged.

          But all of this requires money, time, sincere effort and endless toil. What the necessity for me to do all this? I have to fret and thus don’t have time, I have to eat a burger with my daily allowances, I have to spend my effort and energy in burning the flab... I have my line of businesses to be taken care of then what for me. It is their fate. 
This is one of the essays I wrote as a child. Well, my English teacher didn't like it. How about you???

with warm regards
Abhishek Boinapalli

Friday, April 22, 2011

Cry of nation

Some murmur, when the sky is clear,
and is wholly bright to view upon.
Oh! It’s the trumpets clangor,
with loud shrills of anger.

Everything is fair in love and war,
for the sake of fame, of its winner.
Forgotten is the discovery of warm complaining tears,
that they have to leave their lives n lovers.

Oh! That noble dream come true,
where my youth, empowerment of nation,
learn to head to peace
than war for me & everyone else.

What’s in your deeds, if unknown
You die & few could know?
Oh guru! In faith keep trust
Strive for progress. All the best.

Well .. this was the first trail of mine @ poetry. I used the High School Grammer & Composition book a lot for this. This is something I literally love.

with warm regards

R for Relentless

Hello Everyone,

    I am not so good at following the schedule right?? I mean, I didn't post with right frequency for the A - Z blog-fest!! Ha, should I apologize?? Well, yes!!

    So, today, I am gonna post a excerpt from Relentless of the Lost Fleet Series.  Here is the excerpt:

“The Syndics are still the enemy,” Geary pointed out. “As long as we stay focused on that, it shouldn’t be too complicated.”

“You’re asking me to respect a politician,” she reminded him. “That is not going to be a simple or easy thing.”

He watched her for a moment, trying to understand how fleet officers like Desjani could be loyal to the Alliance yet disdain the elected leaders of the Alliance. Part of it was doubtless a very human need to find someone else to blame for the failures in the war, but Rione herself had admitted to him that the Alliance’s political leaders deserved a full share of culpability for their own actions over the last hundred years. Maybe he himself was just a living anachronism in that way, an officer who believed respect was automatically due to the leaders of the Alliance and the idea of things being otherwise was simply too hard to accept. “I guess you’ll just have to trust me that we can trust her.”

   Ha, most of the novels, I read, have this pattern in them. Army officers of highest caliber don't trust their leaders! Politicians I meant. They are willing to do anything for the call of duty from completing a mission, to killing a completely faceless stranger to sacrificing their lives. But why not believe / bother about the leaders who send these men into missions? who define the ABC's of the policy that defines their future??? What is your stand on it??

with warm regards

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Miracle , Bruce Almighty

          I was rather lucky to watch them movie "Bruce Almighty" the other day. I somehow liked it a lot and intend to share a quote or two from that movie. The most touching quote:

    Bruce Almighty (Widescreen Edition)
  • Parting your soup is not a miracle Bruce, it's a magic trick. 
  • A single mom who's working two jobs, and still finds time to take her son to soccer practice, that's a miracle.
  • A teenager who says "no" to drugs and "yes" to an education, that's a miracle. People want me to do everything for them. 
  • What they don't realize is *they* have the power. You want to see a miracle, son? Be the miracle. 

with warm regards
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