Thursday, May 19, 2011

How to make friends

    This is a special topic which needs no justification. It’s through friends and acquaintances that life lights up. It’s through them that life becomes happy. In other words there is no need of justifying why I speak upon this topic. To know more upon this topic ask a teenager and you will know. Now I will speak not upon why friends are required but how to make them

    As far as I know, & of all the men I know, every one fancies something or the other. Everyone has a fancy, check out, someone, wants latest gadgets, few girls wants costliest makeup’s and make over’s, some boys want six pack abs, others fancy pets, men want toys (I mean weapons after all they are the men’s toys) & I fancy writing such silly truths.

    What next, man or woman, boy or girl & who-ever it is, without some or the other fancy are sure to be treated as an alien, left out from the society, left uncared & is in my sense truly an alien when either they doesn’t have or respect the fancy of the other person. Truly speaking a man with no fancy, a man with total work and no play…. are really aliens.

    The fancies of course gave birth to what are called modern day’s clubs, social meetings & gatherings, they lead to rise and fall of kingdoms, they are the basic for ambitions & burning desires & so on & on. So when you don’t belong to any of them what are you an alien? Yes. Remember that it’s through these fancies & their dependents (I mean the clubs, gatherings) sociality, networking…do build, through them you make acquaintances, friends, mates….

    I long time ago read a book titled as “how to win friends & influence people” by DALE CARNEGIE. This is a small extract from it:

   “A rich man hired a young builder to work in his new mansion. One day as usual the rich man, early in the morning came out to give instructions for the day. Before leaving, the young builder with strong eagerness enquired about his pride possessions, his dogs which usually win good number of blue ribbons for him in the international dog shows. The rich man, taken back by the amount of interest showed by the builder immediately took him to his house. He displayed all his dogs’ one after the other and even presented one of the pup (worth several hundreds of dollars) to him. He also gave him a typed copy about how to feed the dog” 

    Here is the case, it’s the genuine interest of the builder in rich man’s fancy that gave him the prized dog, that won him the friendship of the rich man. So using the same technique you too can win friends and the technique is “try to show genuine interest in others fancy & you can count them as your friend” (don’t start scolding me if you soon adapt to that fancy). 

      Again its well noted fact that fancies, friends & companions with similar interests can make you cheerful, brighten up your life, increase your lifespan, relax you, make you a better human being….

     As far as I believe young men are very good in this point, I mean the youth, not just boys or girls, they have their fancies, be cheerful in their gangs, are ready to listen to friends, always happy to hang out with friends, go for a game or two. But after that they turn into “hard core, money earning middle aged machines” here ends sociality, networking, fancies… and starts the miserable and painful life. No thanks. 
     If you ask me about the right fancy, I recommend you to become my die hard fan, keep on reading my books, keep on earning me fame & make me successful make my readers your acquaintances .So that’s the way to make friends. Show genuine interest in the other person and his fancies then count them as your friend. What are you waiting for find out the fancy of your boss get your due increments. Find your wife’s fancy add sparkle to your marriage, find a strangers fancy and increase your friend circle…….

Well this article is a essay, I wrote during high school, after I read the "how to win friends and influence people" by Dale Cargine for a competition. 

with warm regards


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