Monday, May 2, 2011

My Daily Pledge

       Well, probably something went wrong with my wires today. I posted about my dreams and goals on this blog today.  I am sort of pepped up today and am making a good start for a so called perfect disciplined life as a new - leaf. So, here is my personal pledge:

         I, Abhishek Boinapalli, am a man of dreams. I am neither ashamed of my goals nor afraid to speak about my goals. I can & I will  work hard with tireless dedication and enthusiasm for adding life to my dreams.

    I clearly understand that the only hindrance I have in my path is my attitude. So I am gonna refine my attitude at every step, put efforts and achieve success. My dreams are worth putting efforts and my efforts. Dreams of a man shall never die.

       In dreams, In efforts, In people and In God I do trust.

      Hope this pledge keeps me motivated for long enough. Hope I achieve all my dreams. What do you do to keep you motivated?? Please do let me know. I just keep on falling off the wagon all the time. What do you do to avoid it after starting everything a fresh??

with warm regards


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