Monday, May 2, 2011

My blogging Goals

Hello Everone,

    I am Abhishek Boinapalli. Cool, confident and blah blah. I am a grand failure at the A - Z blog fest, for, the month of April is gone and yet posts on K, Q, U, V, X, Y and Z are still pending.

    Well, I just wanna reaffirm my commitment to blogging. I am not literally interested in working on technical  stuff like Mech / VLSI design / CAD / .. whatever of the other thousand or so categories we have. I am interested in writing, blogging, reading and all such. One day I intend to make it big in the literary world.

   Well I was literally afraid to express this aim of mine to anyone till now. Not anymore. I am gonna put the best of my efforts into my dreams. I intend to work hard and keep on going to achieve my dreams.

   My blogging goals for now are quite simple
  • Post at least 1 post daily on my blog.
  • Attract and retain huge traffic and keep the blog active and alive.
  • Gain at least 500 followers by the Dec 2011.
  • Earn at least $300 from blogs from Dec 2011.

    Hope I put my efforts in right direction, hope you all help me out by encouraging  & hope the gods help me out. I created a pledge for myself and intend to read it everyday after I wake up and before I sleep. The pledge can be found here

with warm regards


Kasala said...

All the very best.
For sure some day u will make it big
And for sure, I believe that ur followers count crosses 500.

Keep it up
Keep Posting

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