Monday, May 2, 2011

My Dreamz

Hello Everyone,

     I am Abhishek Boinapalli. I was sort of afraid to discuss my dreams with everyone around. Why because they are absurd, because they are like dreams. I was afraid people would laugh at me. I was afraid people would call me a freak / frantic and so on. 

     Well not anymore. I decided to put up a mast and sail in the world of dreams. I am now ready better say willing to put efforts to achieve my goals. starting today. So I am putting up a list of all goals which I intend to achieve by my twenty fifth year.

  • Have good amount of property. Probably worth a couple of million dollars so that I need not depend on full time job for employment
  • Earn a lot of fame for myself by virtue of novels . I must have a page for myself on Wikipedia. So gonna write 250 words per day or more at all costs.
  • I must be a successful blogger. 
  • Become a body builder. Six pack with fitness sufficient to join Indian Army.  I now weigh 92 kgs in a 5' 4'' frame & Join territorial army of India as officer
  • Have a cool social life & earn lot of respect from everyone in my neighborhood and my relatives.

    I decided to put efforts for achieving them all. I  have created a  pledge for myself and shall keep on going. I will post it here soon. What are your goals?? Your aims?? Were you too afraid to speak about your goals at any time??

with warm regards


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