Monday, September 12, 2011

Wriing a novel - looking for plots??

 Morning Everyone,

  Hope everyone has enjoyed your weekend and are making a great start for the week ahead by grace of God!! All is well @my end except that I didn't put much efforts on anything in the last week. Well, hoping that this week would be different.

  So, are you planning to write a novel?  Have you already started a novel and trying to make some cool sub-plots? Then this article is for you. I was the other day, going through the web for cool sites to surf. I am now so addicted to Internet, that Wikipedia alone isn't sufficient to keep me engaged for more than a hour. 

 I was happy to find a interesting site Damm Interesting and the Interesting Thing of the Day. Both of them are awesome sites for the simple reason, that the articles in it are hand picked to catch the fantasy of readers. Many of the articles in Damn Interesting can become basis point for a sub-plot / technology used if you are writing  a military based / scientific fiction / fantasy novel.

  Check out cool articles likes

and lot more. Hope this helps you with your WIP / future projects / helps you in passing time every now and then!! Looking for more cool sites to read ?? Check them out here
  Have you come across any cool sites? Where do you search sub-plots for your WIP? Where do you do research for weapons and technology for your WIP? What would you do when you dunno about the technology needed?

with warm regards


Anonymous said...

Good selection of sites. How'd you find them?

Claire Lachance said...

Those sound like some interesting sites!

Sarah Tokeley said...

Those sound like good sites to check out. Thank you :-)

Linda Gray said...

Hi, I'm a fellow Campaigner (Suspense/Thriller) dropping by to say hello. So nice to find your blog. See you in the Campaign.

Peggy Eddleman said...

Those sites sound awesome! I'm going to check them out right now.

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