Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Cartoon Network World -- Myth

Balloon Kid Flying
    Ever lived in the world of dreams of cartoons? I loved the world where people could breath out fire, have tigers for pets, jump from tall buildings using umbrella alone,  sing all day and jump with joy.

    I was surfing the net today to find out truth about some of the myths regarding the cartoons. The results are from Myth-Buster-Results

    umbrella flying, women flying, flying women, cartoon women flying, umbrella
    Women Flying Cartoon
  • Kid getting carried away due to party-balloons is possible. The experiment says a large number of balloons (3,500) are needed to lift an average 4 year old girl just a few feet off the ground. It is still possible. Refer Here

  • Ever thought of jumping from tall building using a umbrella to arrest the fall? Ever thought you would survive such a fall? Well, you are right. You ain’t any GENIE from the Arabian Nights. You can’t survive. Refer Here

    cartoon, kid creating fire from wood, fire by friction
    Creating Fire
  • Singing in the right tune, you can break wine glass. Just like cartoon characters use the skill to create avalanches, break glass – doors and such. Refer Here

    • You can create fire by the friction obtained by rubbing two sticks together. Refer Here

        Any other great cartoon myths? How do you pass your time? Do let me know.

    With warm regards


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