Monday, January 30, 2012

Review ~ Pay Any Price

Hello Everyone,

   Reading any books of late? Keeping up to your new year resolution about book reading habit? Well, I have couldn't keep the book "Pay Any Price" down once I started. Here is a small review of the same. Hope it helps in choosing it as your next book.

   Pay Any Price by Ted Allbeury is by far the best novel I read when it comes to Action/espionage genre. Allbeury shows *and not tells* the life of an Intelligence officer(In this book, BOYD), the work involved, the risks, the dirty tricks, the trauma, the technology, the secrecy involved ... adding from his own experiences as a former officer in the British Intelligence Corps.

   The book revolves around CIA hypnosis experts Symons and Peterson who are involved in the killings of John F. Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy along with the CIA and the MAFIA mob.
    The experts decide to put stay in Britain under fake ids until the things back in US get cooled off. Carter *British Intelligence* discovers the men, their potential and their ways. Carter now successfully black-mails Ziggy *CIA boss* so as to gain co-operation of hypnosis experts. The experts using Zombies *people under hypnosis* kill a few spies, IRA, other trouble makers to safeguard their identities

   Gorge Walker *One of the Zombie, who killed spies under hypnosis* completes his term with the Army and starts searching for other career options. He starts having night-mares about the killings, can't remember a thing about his last year in service and all hell breaks loose.

   Debby Shaw, a former stripper, who now runs her own business also starts having night-mares and day-dreams. She is retained under section 72 involuntarily by the hospital and no one gets to know her fate, not even her boy-friend.

   When Boyd is assigned to look into the issue, by his officers at M15, he with help of his men and the psychiatrists understands the murky details about hypnosis, how the zombies are mentally abused, how the killings took place, how Carter and his team worked, how the Kennedy’s were killed,.. The book comes to end when Boyd meets his tragic fate due to his involving in the investigation.

   The book caught my attention neither due to plot nor the pace of plot. The book actually shows you the way how intelligence offices work, how intelligence agencies co-operate, how unlawful things can be done by section of powerful people in intelligence communities, how heads of various people in intelligence get chopped, how the mafia and CIA can co-operate, how the mafia take everything personal, how the life of James Bond would be, who would be right candidate for playing the James Bond, how men trained to believe none - trained to doubt check and verify everything live, how their personal lives are jeopardized by their life...


Read any books in this genre? Read this book? Got any books which you

with warm regards
Abhishek Boinapalli


Hariharan Valady said...

seems an interesting book- Zombies, new term I have learnt. Do the intelligence agencies really do these things or it is just the fancy of the author?

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