Monday, January 16, 2012

Fun on Phone

Good Morning Everyone,

     How has the week started? Having fun? Living upto your new-year-resolution lists or giving them a skip just like me??

    I just want some fun, I love fun all time, So I decided to send some cool messages to everyone out their on my mobile. The first thing I sent was

    "Good Morning buddy!! Have a blessed day!!! You are looking cool"

at around seven am yesterday. You wouldn't believe the responses I got. They ranged from "Where have you seen me?" to "I still didn't wake up. Do I look cool in my underpants? Let me sleep bro!!" to "Thanks .. that's so sweet of You". I could start a good humorous conversation with all those people who wanted to know when I saw them. Enjoyed about it.

    I wanted some more fun. So today I sent the message

    "This message can't be displayed"

  to everyone around. The responses were not as such cool as yesterday. There were requests to re-send the messages, to explain the messages, some of them were reporting to me that my message couldn't be displayed blah blah .. I just enjoyed doing so.

    Are there any sure messages which get you an instant reply from most of people on phone? If yes, please share them with me!!

with warm regards
Abhishek Boinapalli


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