Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Review ~ The Unexploded Man

Hello Everyone,
  Here is review of one book I read on politicians, spies and sadism. 

The Unexploded man
Author: Leisle Watkins


The secret seven society in Russia in its efforts to prevent war between NATO and the USSR, puts all efforts to weaken the faith of people in British politicians, to make the British war-machine crumble, to cripple the British monopoly over trade and to dishearten the common British citizen from war.

In one such effort, they need someone who knows the dirty secrets of all the major politicians. Who can serve them better other than the Political gossip writer Mr. David Barnett. Mr. David Barnett is kidnapped, his death faked, tortured for the single purpose of getting information about major politicians who were working to make the war-machine stronger
The reader of the book would surely be terrified & frightened out of his guts reading about the torture Mr. Barnett faces. The reader would also be moved knowing the character and heart of Mr. Barnett, how he is suffering, how every part of his body aches and how he sees night-mares of more torture viz eaten by live rats, flesh being pierced by cigarettes, teeth pulled out from the jaw in one go, merciless beatings...

The book isn't about sadism of Mr. Bernett's captors alone.. The book is also about meticulous planning of the Russians, the fear of people of nuclear holocaust, the extravagant length to which politicians want to go to stop nuclear holocaust.

What is more intriguing about the book is, how very small vices (boozing / womanizing / ..) of public men (politicians here) can disrupt their career and destroy their whole lives. How the lives of bigwigs are wrecked due to the demands of their career, how the life of undercover operatives in foreign land are many a times left to mercy of his own, how many a people give up lives for the betterment of their nation and much more.

The ending of the book? Very simple: Mr. Barneet escapes from Mr. Rupert (captor) and sets right everything that went wrong, though he looses his wife to another man.

And And, a simple note: Unexploded man refers to Mr. Rupert. He barely escaped from a huge explosion and has half a face. The other half is always covered in green bandages which add charisma to him. Mr. David is also referred to as Unexploded man in the very end.


Well, what do I say about the book? simple: The book, the plot and all is well created. It would have been more successful if the author wrote about lives and sacrifices of big-wigs and the spies (around whom the story revolves) rather than concentrating in detail on the sadism of captors.

Do I recommend this book? yeah I do!! Go through the same, enjoy it and learn a lot from it.

with warm regards


John Paul said...

One rare a book!!!

Where did you even find a copy of it!! The cover pic itself is quite weird / horrible ...

Not gonna check this book too!!!

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