Sunday, April 15, 2012

M for Metal Storm, an Electric Gun

    Metal Strom, a weapon which has no moving parts, uses electric shocks to fire bullets at incredible speed of 10,000 rounds per minute, found in Matthew Reilly's Scarecrow book.

Metal Storm MAUL Rifle, Metal Storm Rifle
Metal Storm MAUL Rifle
    As part of the A - Z challenge, I am posting a simple post on weapons everyday *fictitious / real*. To know more about my theme and about the challenge visit this link. Check out the excerpts from the book to know more about the weapon:


    These new soldiers were equipped with MetalStorm Ml00 assault rifles. A variety of rail gun, the MetalStorm range of weapons do not use conventional moving parts to fire their bullets. Rather, they employ rapid-sequential electric shocks to trigger each round, and as such, are able to fire at the unbelievable rate of 10,000 rounds per minute. It amounts to a literal storm of metal, hence the name.

'You,' the squad leader said, 'are wrong.'

He fired a burst from his MetalStorm rifle into Zawahiri's chest. The terrorist was hurled backwards, his torso torn to mush, his body all but cut in half.

   Well Well, not to make it any-more boring, all I have got to say is the MetalStrom is one very useful yet quite frightening a weapon. Now coming back to current world,  Metal Storm Limited is a Australia based research and development company that specialises in electronically initiated superposed load weapons technology and owns the proprietary rights to the electronic ballistics technology invented by J. Mike O'Dwyer

Metal Storm Assault Rifle,  Metal Storm Internal View
Metal Storm Internal View

   Metal Storm Limited actually manufactures Metal Strom riles which  use the concept of superposed load; multiple projectiles loaded nose to tail in a single gun barrel with propellant packed between them.

   The distinguishing features of this technology are the absence of ammunition feed and casing ejection systems (the only moving parts are the projectiles), and the electronic ignition of the propellant charges.

  The electronic ignition allows for the firing of the stacked ammunitions at 'electronic speed' without any delays caused by mechanical ammunition feed mechanisms. Redback, GLL4042, 3GL, MAUL, 36 Barrel prototype are some of the models in this category.

   All I wanna do is check a few of them, find out their original fire-power and feel them in my hand and never never face the barrel of such a rifle .Got any weapons which are made-real from fiction world? Got any weapons which are so good that they can only exist in the fiction world?? 

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Abhishek Boinapalli


Unknown said...

10,000 rounds a minute??

Damn it .. AS if I would be anywhere near it!!

Its to risky!!!

Elizabeth Mueller said...

Is it metal strom? Oops, me thinks the title has a typo. ;)

A to Z co-host

Justin The Wizard said...

Yeah ... The spell is wrong!!

Anyway .. looks like you read a lot of fiction!! Fan of Matthew Reilly I guess!!

Sonia Lal said...

10000 rounds a minute? I am having a little difficulty with the idea of a gun with no moving parts.

John Paul said...

I guess 10,000 rounds per minute is impossible ..

Won't a bullet be fired .. even before its predecessor leaves the barrel?? at that rate??

world of fiction is so stupid .. Ha ha!!

Elizabeth Mueller said...

Oh no! Where did you go? It's the 24th... :(

A to Z co-host

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