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Book Review ~ Inheritence by Christopher Paolini

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    Here is my review of Inheritance, the fourth and final book in the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini.

Inheritance books, all books in Inheritance, Inheritance by Christopher Paolini
Inheritance Cycle
    Since the day, I started reading Eragon *book one of the series*, nothing on the earth could subdue my interest in the Inheritance Cycle. The books were fantastic showing you a new world, new species, races, customs, life-styles, new attitudes, soldiers, royalty and a lot more. What was fascinating about the series isn't just the concept of dragons but the narration, the characters and the world of fantasy as imagined by Christopher Paolini.

    The fourth book, viz Inheritance, takes you into war, fighting, plots, horror, gore, death, shows mysteries, plots, traps and makes you praise Roran the StrongHammer, Nasuada leader of Varden, Arya the Sladeshayer a little more than ever. The book portrays many an aspect of war planning, life and conduct of kings, thoughts of Captains in army and burdens of soldiers in the Giant War Machine. Book simply creates awe among its readers by showing the efficiency of Dwarves with machines and skill of Elves in fighting.

Inheritance book, Book 4 Inheritance Cycle
Inheritance Book
    The book also introduces you to the Evil King Gilbatrox and his dragon Shruikan and his idea of a world in which magic is controlled. A world in which Gilbatrox with his knowledge of the true name of Ancient Language can keep every spell-caster at bay, at check and bring peace to entire world. A world in which normal people aren't at the mercy of Spell-Casters.

    The book ends with demise of Gilbatrox and his dragon which brings the war to an end except for a few skirmishes here and there. Murthag and his dragon Thorn change themselves and retire to solitude of loneliness. The different races *Dwarves, Elves, Urgals, Humans, Were-cats* at peace with each other while Eragon goes to east of Alagesia to build a hall and train young riders there.

    What is disappointing is the fact that the battle between Gilbatrox and Eragon isn't as ferocious and as heroic as I expected. The Inheritance Cycle is and will always be my favorite because it showed me a true world of fantasy. Poor thing that the Inheritance book didn't add anything to this world of magic. In the end, the victor of the war i.e. Varden decided to create a committee which shall a tab on Spell-Casters.

    Verdict: Fans might get be-raged by this book, I would suggest you read the entire series anyway. 6/10 would be cool for this book.

    Are you done with this book or any other book in this series? What have you got to say? Loved them? Why is this book your favorite?

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This is a good review. I've only read Eragon, to be honest, and aren't sure I'll read on, but my husband enjoys the series.

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