Sunday, May 20, 2012

Guest Post -- Deidre Havrelock

Hello Everyone,

Today I have Deidre Havrelock, the author of Saving Mary from OrnageBerryBookTours who would like to her share opinion on Marketing. 
Many authors see marketing as a bind. What are your thoughts?

By Deidre Havrelock

Saving Mary
I’m finding out just how tough marketing is. It’s a big world, and finding your particular audience is an art that I have yet to master. It is a bind. I have to do it, but I’m not sure exactly how to do it. But the good thing is, I’m willing to try new things and I love this whole idea of ‘virtual tours.’ They make so much sense and are fun! As far as marketing goes, I have three blogs. My first blog is ‘’ I created this blog to journal my experience towards becoming published and also to help out other writers who are sharing in that same rather difficult journey. I started out with the simple plan of following the advice of agents themselves in order to bag me my own wonderful agent. Along that journey, I met many bloggers who had positive experiences publishing ebooks and so the idea of publishing an ebook became glaringly obvious, and I dived in. I’m still looking for an agent, however. Ebooks may be great for fiction and narrative non-fiction, but I’m not totally convinced it’s the right avenue for straight non-fiction (which is what my other book is). I guess, I’ll see.

Deidre Havrelock

My other blog ‘’ is attached to my website. It’s there just so I can connect with readers. I have a third blog in the making; this one is attached to my conference website (which isn’t quite ready yet). I created this blog to explore the topic of “the femininity of the Holy Spirit.” I once read (in an agent’s book or blog somewhere) that you should market a book at least three years before it comes out, so since one of my books that I’m working to edit is called The MotherHeart of God: Biblical Evidence for the Femininity of the Holy Spirit, I thought it would be a good idea to have a conference and start a blog. You can check out (and ‘like’) the conference on Facebook, if you so desire…Wm. Paul Young (author of The Shack) has agreed to host the conference. No one said marketing has to be boring!

Next, I’m looking at getting an audio book done.


What do you say about this? Is marketing good? To what extent? What is your opinion on Virtual Book Tours?

Hoping her all success


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