Friday, May 11, 2012

Types of People On Facebook

Hello All,

    Facebook became an integral part of my life just like books, blogs and friends. What do I like about Facebook? Well, all my friends are online and I don't need to use the phone to shout something. What do I hate? The frequent game / app requests.

Anonymous, Anonymous Mask, Anonymous Face
Well, though I enjoy my time on Facebook I wonder how would someone be online? Does his/her character change? Does one act different? I am not sure. I act different when I am at home, when I am at office, when I am with a girl and when I am with my buddies. Then what about Facebook?

    Here is a simple attempt to classify people, though no hard/offense intended.

The Copycat:
Types of Facebookers, types of people on 
Types Of Facebookers
    All he/she does is ctrl+c and ctrl+v. Copy a status from here, copy a pic from there and when The copycat really needs to update his/her status, not to mention, the status would be a famous quotation by some author.

The Gloater:
    Every status is an achievement, a comparison between oneself and the famous, ..  No need of any more explanation.

The Ever-Online Potato:
Facebook, Facebook friends, Facebook People
Online all the time, from office, from home and even from the loo via his smart phone. Never posts a thing, Never comments, Never likes something, Never joins a group yet knows it all.

The Take-Offline Guy:
    All that Take-Offline Guy does is, act like Ever-Online Potato and then talk to you about your status update / Photo instead of commenting / replying.

The Theater Guy:
    Everyone has at-least one such a friend. A dramatic quote about the weather, a tragic quote about loss of sleep, a bold picture of last night's party and comments with catch phrases including "Wow!! Can't believe it", "My goodness .. So wonderful", ..

The Struck Guy:
    Checks out every troll picture / meme online and shares them as a joke in the cafeteria just to become a little more popular. I guess gamers also can be added to this category. Playing "Farm Ville", "Mafia Wars", "World At War" and what not? Some people from this category are usually The first person to like / comment a picture.

Blue-Moon Guy:
    The guy who replies to your comment which was three weeks old. The guy who messages a thank-you for tagging him six months back.

    Other well understood characters include Mr/Ms Popular, Mr. Newsreader, Mr. Promoter (promoting his movie star / sport stars / every viral message frantically), ...

What category do you belong to? Did I miss some cool category?? Do let me know!!

with warm regards
Abhishek Boinapalli


John Paul said...

Your classification seems k .. but the category names aren't so good!!

Looks like you have no sense of humor!!

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