Thursday, June 28, 2012

Book Review: Raising Wild Ginger

Raising Wild Ginger is Tara Woolpy's latest novel *due out on July 1 2012* set in fictional town of Lacland. The book is set around parenting in a small town society, better say, the book is set around the efforts of a gay couple to find a daughter in a traumatized twelve year old who is seductive, secretive and dishonest.

    The book, for sure takes you into a new world. Imagine Edward Rosenberg, a rich man whose grand-pa built the town he lives in and Sam DeCosta whose dad disowned him because he is a gay in love with each other. Both of them have their troubles, traumatized pasts, mistakes, careers to look after yet living together as a couple happily, wishing to build a family, though they have their doubts.

    Would that change when they take in Ms. Ginger McIntyre as foster parents, to whom this is the last resort before she is put into group home for good by the Social Security Services.  Would they be able to stand a chance against this girl who is smart, does well in tests, seduces men, steals,..? Would she exploit them of their weaknesses? How would the society around react for there could be no secrets in such a small place? Would they find a daughter in her? Would their family start falling apart after the homos *as called by society* stop fooling themselves? How can they overcome the crisis? 

    What would happen if Ginger's past haunts her after almost everything starts settling down? Would her new found family give up for parenting even a normal child is hard in itself? Would Sam and Edward throw Ginger out when her night-mares come true to haunt her? Would Sam and Edward disown her and run away? Would they find out what needs to be done to bring their family together? Would they have a happy family or something that depends on each other for mere existence? Would they re-invent themselves and raise Ginger DeCosta Rosenberg? Well, you gotta read the book to know and to live their lives.

My Verdict:
    A must read. Probably 8/10 would be good rating.

    One wonderful a book, teaching you about life, family and what is important and what has to be put to grave to lead a happy family life. I remember laughing out loud and sharing Ginger's happiness sometime after she found herself a new family and started playing with a few rats. The book portrays emotions well for I felt like yelling at Ginger whenever she after her small mischief felt Edward or Sam would send her away. I felt like hugging Sam whenever he showed extra-ordinary affection and love to bring the family together.

    The characters played well and I couldn't stop loving the entire town.  Every parent has something to learn from this book, though I have no experience at parenting. The book shows you, what parenting should be and what you need to do when life isn't what it ought to be. I am sure I am gonna read the other books by the author in series of loosely linked novels set in fictional town of Lacland.

Wishing Tara Wooply all success
Abhishek Boinapalli

I have received a free copy of the book, Raising Wild Ginger  for the purpose of review. This didn't in anyway effect the review. The review is sincere and straight from heart


Unknown said...


This isn't my genre .. I don't read books on parenting / human life as it goes ..

But sounds interesting .. Might check out .. thanks for the review ...

Manasa Edward said...

Will be out on july 1st you say ...
should check out ..

got a discount coupon or something??

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