Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hoping Desperatly??

Hello Everyone,

    What are you reading recently?? Finding anything cool?? Well, I have started with the Percy Jackson and the Lighting thief. This book is kind of cool, you have demigods, non-humans and whole lot of Greek mythology. The concept is simple, the weapon of Zeus, Master Bolt, is stolen and Zeus blames Poseidon. Zeus and Poseidon are fighting against each other and Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon must bring back the weapon to stop war!!

    Here is a small excerpt from the book:


    "The God of Wild Places disappeared two thousand years ago," he told me. "A sailor off the coast of Ephesos heard a mysterious voice crying out from the shore, 'Tell them that the great god Pan has died!' When humans heard the news, they believed it. They've been pillaging Pan's kingdom ever since. But for the satyrs, Pan was our lord and master. He protected us and the wild places of the earth. We refuse to believe that he died. In every generation, the bravest satyrs pledge their lives to finding Pan. They search the earth, exploring all the wildest places, hoping to find where he is hidden, and wake him from his sleep."
    "And you want to be a searcher."
    "It's my life's dream," he said. "My father was a searcher. And my Uncle Ferdinand ... the statue you saw back there--"
    "Oh, right, sorry."
    Grover shook his head. "Uncle Ferdinand knew the risks. So did my dad. But I'll succeed. I'll be the first searcher to return alive."
    "Hang on--the first?"
    Grover took his reed pipes out of his pocket. "No searcher has ever come back. Once they set out, they disappear. They're never seen alive again."
    "Not once in two thousand years?"
    "And your dad? You have no idea what happened to him?"
    "But you still want to go," I said, amazed. "I mean, you really think you'll be the one to find Pan?"
    "I have to believe that, Percy. Every searcher does. It's the only thing that keeps us from despair when we look at what humans have done to the world. I have to believe Pan can still be awakened."

   Liked it?? Do you also believe in something strange / impossible? to keep going? To prevent despair in your life? I do!! I believe I will stop being a glutton! I believe I will become a officer of Indian Army. I believe I can do miracles and be the next Dan Brown / J K Rowling / .. what about you?? Does this make sense??

with warm regards
Abhishek Boinapalli


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