Tuesday, November 8, 2011

You thougth You made Fun?? Check This

  Morning Everyone,

    How is life going on? Enjoying the week? Any surprises for you? What are you reading lately? 

   I have grabbed the SEAL TEAM SIX : Memoirs of an Elite Navy SEAL Sniper by Howard E. Wasdin. Well, it looks like we don't need much introduction to the book due to the name.  Take my word, it is a good novel to read. Here is a small excerpt from the book: 

As we camped near the river, sitting around a campfire drinking beer and roasting wieners, a malnourished, mangy cat approached us. It looked too wild to come near us, but it must’ve been desperate for food. We threw it a piece of wiener, and the cat gulped it down. One of us tried to pick up the feline, and it went berserk—claws and teeth everywhere. That cat was bad. We used the suitcase to set a trap for it, propping the lid open and putting a wiener inside. When the cat went inside to eat, we dropped the top and zipped up the suitcase. We laughed. Hearing the cat go crazy in the suitcase made us laugh harder. The cat kept going until it was exhausted.

I got an idea. “You know how we wanted to open the suitcase? If we put this on the road, someone will stop and open it.” So we took the suitcase to the road and stood it up on the shoulder near a bridge. Then we concealed ourselves nearby, lying flat on a slope that descended from the street. We waited awhile before the first car drove by. It wasn’t a well-traveled road.

Another car came by, and the brake lights flashed. Then it proceeded forward, did a U-turn, and came back. It passed us and did another U-turn, finally stopping next to the suitcase. An overweight black woman stepped out of the car and picked up the suitcase. After she returned to the car and closed the door, we heard excited talk, as if they had dug up a treasure chest. The car moved forward. Suddenly, the brake lights came back on and the car screeched to a halt. Three of the four doors popped open, and three people ran out of the car cussing at the top of their lungs.
We tried not to laugh.

What do you say? Good way to have fun right assuming that no one is hurt? Will you seriously try something like that? 

And And, you know any good novel to read? Military fiction books? Do let me know about them. Kind of hungry for books.

with warm regards
Abhishek Boinapalli
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