Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Life - As It Goes

Morning Everyone,

   Started the week with a bang? Enjoying it? Mine is okay. Here are few common yet uncommon things in my life.

  • As a kid, I used to be surprised to see, younger & older kids doing homework in bus-stops. Yeah, literally early in the morning, waiting for school bus to arrive, these students used to take out their homework books and started working on it!!  Now Now, today I had the wonderful opportunity to watch a parent doing his son's homework  in the bus-stop!!

  • Well, for a young-man, it is pleasure to watch young girls and to praise / appreciate their beauty. It was so fun earlier to watch them, their beautiful facial features and all. But but, something went wrong and all I can see now are girls clad in scarves and such. This is eye-shore to me!!! The book "Man and Superman" claims that getting married is the biggest business and achievement of women, then how come all these girls want to hide their beautiful faces??

  • When it comes to my life, there are many a things that deserve my attention including college, job (HIKE and PROMOTION), writing and exercise yet yet I am not giving due attention to anything as of yet!! Hope this changes soon!!
with warm regards
Abhishek Boinapalli


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