Thursday, November 10, 2011

Front Butt -- Oh My God

Morning Everyone,

How is your day going on? Enjoying?? 

Well, here is an humorous excerpt from SEAL TEAM SIX Memoirs of an Elite Navy SEAL Sniper. Do check it and have a great day:


My son, Blake, really liked hanging out with the SEAL Team guys, and they loved him, too, especially after a particular incident when Blake was four years old. One day after work, I returned home to find Laura in the kitchen, out of her mind.
“What’s going on?” I asked.
“Little Debbie was over, and they got into Blake’s wading pool. Naked!” Little Debbie was a neighbor’s six-year-old daughter.
“I called her mama and told her. She thought it was funny. You better talk to him.”
So I walked down the hall to his room.
Blake was playing Duck Hunt on the Nintendo, shooting flying ducks with his Nintendo Zapper Light Gun.
“Hey, buddy, how was your day?”
“Good,” he said.
“What’d you do today?”
I left him to his game and returned to Laura in the kitchen. “He’s fine. Didn’t even bring it up. Must not be such a big deal.”
“Oh, no. You have to make him talk about it. He’s probably traumatized.”
So I returned to Blake’s room. A dog on the TV monitor sniffed out the dead ducks in the grass and congratulated Blake.
I became more direct with my questioning. “Did you go swimming today?”
“Well, did anyone go swimming with you?”
“Yep, Debbie went swimming with me.”
“Did you and Debbie take y’all’s clothes off while you were in the wading pool?”
“Debbie took her bathing suit off, and told me to take my bathing suit off.”
“Do you know you’re not supposed to let people see your pee-pee?”
“Yes, Mom told me not to let people see my pee-pee.”
“Well, did Debbie see your pee-pee?”

“Yep, Debbie saw my pee-pee.” He laughed.
“Did you see Debbie’s pee-pee?”
He stopped playing his game and put down the gun. There was a hint of concern in his voice. “You know what, Dad? Debbie doesn’t have a pee-pee.” He seemed to feel sorry for her. “She’s got a front-butt.”

Ha Ha Ha!! Funny isn't it?? I couldn't stop laughing like hell!!! A front-butt!! The kid is cool too in his imagination and analysis!! Wanna read one more funny story from the book? here you go

with warm regards


Sarah Tokeley said...

Children don't stress about things until adults teach them to :-)

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