Saturday, November 5, 2011

Enemy At The Gates -- Dialogues

Hello Everyone,
The weekend is already here. Hope you all are enjoying the same just like me. Well, I was fortunate enough to watch Enemy At The Gates the other day. Watched it?? Liked it?? 

Here is a small excerpt from the movie. (Taken from Somehow liked it. Just check out:

Man will always be man.

There is no new man.

We tried so hard to create
a society that was equal,

where there'd be nothing
to envy your neighbor.

But there's always
something to envy.

A smile...

a friendship.

Something you don't have
and want to appropriate.

In this world-
even a Soviet one-

there will always
be rich and poor.

Rich in gifts...

poor in gifts.

Rich in love...

poor in love.

     What have you got to say about these lines? Aren't they true? But when we love the other, their smile is important right? Is it possible to love all? And there by ensure we don't envy them?   What does your chain of thought say? Do let me know!

Watched any good military movie? Liked it? Why don't you share it with me? Kindly note, we are trying to make few changes with the blog layout and design. Do let us know if we are messing up with the blog.

with warm regards


Hans said...

Hi, Abhishek :) Was looking for some material from this film (which by the way is one of my favourites) and found your excerpt. This is a great scene, and what a finale to it!
About the excerpt itself, and your question, I don't think man can overcome envy - at least not the everyday envy Danilov is speaking of here. However on a larger scale, "envy" might be mitigated through general increase in conditions of living. I firmly believe that material wealth is a cornerstone in human well being, whatever spiritualist might be saying. Sure, a deeper goal in life, not linked to money and wealth is a good thing, a vital thing, but without the basic, physical necessities of life, humans will become desperate, envious and dangerous for sure - like any animal would. Spread of wealth and a global increase in standards of living would help people avoid going down that path. Still, the bottom line will always be that Danilov's words ring truth - there will always be something to envy, and perhaps that is also why there will (probably) always be violence among people. Doing something about this would require something like the extreme measures from Equilibrium (to refer to another great, early millenium action drama ;)

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