Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Urgals and Kulls and Movies

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    Long time, since I posted right? Sorry!! Kind of lazy and busy!! ha ha!! Most of us, read books and enjoy them a lot right? But, when a movie destroys the book, destroys the creativity of the author and shows something stupid, I kinda feel angry about the movie and pity for the folks who can't enjoy the ture story!!

    I caught a glimpse of Urgals in the movie Eragon, today early in the morning. I was astonished to see how ugly they were. Some of the descriptions regarding Urgals and Kulls from Eargon series are here:

Description of Kull From Eldest, When Nar Garzhvog speaks to lady Nasuada regarding combined war effort: 

       He was a magnificent specimen, eight and a half feet tall, with strong, proud--if grotesque--features, thick horns that spiraled all the way around, and a fantastic musculature that made it seem he could kill a bear with a single blow. His only clothing was a knotted loincloth, a few plates of crude iron armor held together with scraps of mail, and a curved metal disk nestled between his two horns to protect the top of his head. His long black hair was in a queue.


Description of Urgal From Brisingr, when Roran and Yarbog have to fight each other:

Urgals, Urgals and Kulls, Kulls, Urgal Picture, Eragon Urgals
       Yarbog stood well over six feet tall. His back was broad, his chest deep, and his arms and legs covered with knotted muscles. His neck was as thick as a bull's, as it had to be in order to sustain the weight of his head and his curled horns. Three slanting scars marked the left side of his waist, where he had been clawed by an animal. Sparse black bristles grew over the whole of his hide.

Urgals, Kulls, Urgals and Kulls
     Kulls were kind of heroes to me, in the sense, the hard work they did, the body they built, the way they were awesome in battle and all. But, the movie turned them into a bunch of overgrown, fat evil fellows with marks all over the face!! This is bad!! I just didn't like it!!Have you seen the movie Eragon? Did the movie, depict the fantasy? the various races and creatures? What do you say?

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Poetic Soul said...

Yikes, those are some ugly freaksYikes, those are some ugly freaks

James Reed said...

I agree with you whole-heartedly. My vision of the Urgals were warrior creatures that inspired fear, not fat men who inspired revulsion. While the book Eragon didn't go to any great lengths to allow us to sympathize with the Urgals--Eldest and Brisingir painted a more accurate, unbiased picture of them. So when the movie portrayed them as despicable humans instead of proud warriors I was very unimpressed.

Blurb said...

No it didn't seem right at all, the ones in the the movie paled in comparison to those of the book, no one would fear the urgals in the movie, they don't even look scary. And even aside from all those problems the worst flaw of the movie is they didn't even put the key components of the plot into the movie that inspired the second book. I think they should do it all over again and remake it into the movie series it has the potential to be, I don't want people to see the movie and think the eragon series is just the pale joke the movie plays it out to be

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