Friday, July 27, 2012

Book Review: Faces the Mind Never Traced

Morning All,

 As promised earlier, here is the review of the book Faces The Mind Never Traced by Mark A Cherrington. 


My rating:
 8/10. A very good read.

Book Cover Faces The Mind Never Traced By Mark Cherrinton, Mark Cherrington, books by Mark CherringtonA fantastic yet super short collection of stories which is not just fascinating but intriguing on what an identity of a human face is, how the various emotions change it and what it says about the heart and mind of the underlying human being. The book for sure leaves youw wanting to read a little more. I might add, that the book will make you a little angry on the author for not having compiled a few more stories. In just 3400 words, the author for sure captaures the interest of the audience, tells you a tale and leaves you thinking about the book, the people around you, the faces that keep coming back to you all night and about much more. 

This is my first book of this genre and thanks to it, it captured my attention and I shall try a book or two in this genre now for sure. What is interesting is, though every story is super short, it depits happiness, joy, amusement, confusion and various other emotions in true life situations. 

Don't forget to try this book out here


  Mark Cherrington can be reached on his blog here

  Have you tried this book or any book in the Inspirational Fiction genre? Got any suggestions for me in this genre?

with warm regards
Abhishek Boinapalli


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