Monday, July 30, 2012

Love Marriage Ya Arranged Marriage

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Indian Marriage

Hello All,

      Marriage considered a sacred bond in India, is always full of happiness, pomp, show, joy, apprehension, festivity and rituals. Various long forgotten traditions, guests and relatives are recollected to an extra round of extravagance (read pomp and show).

    The basic debate, Love Marriage Ya Arranged Marriage is never ending and yet is quite entertaining with various solutions to various people. For me what works? I am not so sure for I haven't tried it yet. Given the choice, I would prefer Love Marriage with one of my long time friends *anything less than five years is short
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term*. My argument is simple, friendship, a beautiful relationship in itself. of-course demands a lot. When I can, time and again, prove my worth as a friend, it means I would be ready to do anything for the other and that is what a successful marriage needs. Ain't I right?

    What I need to consider of-course is the habit of friend-zoning every eligible bachelor by girls *I really hope this is false and all those pics and memes on FB are jokes*. The concepts of dowry, caste, traditions and any other ugly thing that crops up, can be dealt with little patience and probably a little rough handedness on those pesky relatives who fuel up the flares, for my best buddy viz the bride wouldn't mind my idiocy.
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Best Friends

    So, for sure, love marriage is preferred as it gives enough time, tests and chance to build a long lasting relation. I am not very sure, this would be the case if marriage is arranged between my best buddy and me. Somehow, love marriage is the better one.

    What is your opinion on the same? I felt like sharing my opinion on this topic topic after knowing about Love Marriage Ya Arranged Marriage contest on Already married? Your opinion on my views?

with warm regards
Abhishek Boinapalli


Saurabh Chawla said...

nice post :) all the best! Have a look at this one too whenever you get time :)

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