Thursday, July 19, 2012

Featured Newbie Bloggers - Week 01

Morning all,

 As mentioned earlier, I shall feature new bloggers (blogging for less than nine months) every thrusday on this blog. Details here. So, this week, we have the following bloggers:

Featured Blogger Of The Month

Mark A. Cherrington
 Who  started the blogging on June 28th 2012. at Make Your Mark
The main purpose of me blogging is to regularly connect worldwide with different people who enjoy all kinds of books. I want my blog readers to use a few feeling words to describe the current book they're currently reading so that the emotions from the book can be put onto the blog giving other bloggers an idea of the book.
I love the thought of connecting to far away people and corresponding with them as I aim to build a little community of authors and readers via my blog where we SUPPORT and ENCOURAGE each other.
Blog Logo:
The blog doesn't really have a logo. it has 3 little birds in the left corner and this symbolizes that as humand we too can fly and go where we want to in life and make our mark.
Personal Message:
I hope that everyone of you will have a look at my book  as I feel that a lot of people can relate to one of the stories. Please feel free to email me or let me know which one has moved you as I would like to be in touch with the people who are reading my work. Also look out for my first full length novel "The Son Of A Nun" coming shortly.

Featured Blogger Of the Week:

BookMark Review Blog
Nicolas Bastien:

Blogging for the past 3 months at Bookmark Review

Why am I blogging:
I am blogging so I can share my oppinions and feelings on books. Also to get in touch with other people around the globe and to get to know them through their own responses aswell as letting them know a little bit about myself through my reviews.

When did I love blogging/book start:
I started to love blogging when I started 3 months ago. At first I thought it would be a great oppurtunity to get some money into my paypal account ( don't we all?) And then I realised it had much more to offer other then money and so I fell in love and soon got loaded with requests and here I am 3 months later still trying to get my TBR list down and tell the world which books did I like and disliked.


Hoping everyone of them success, requesting you to visit those who are of interest to you,
Abhishek Boinapalli


Unknown said...

Thanks for the feature Abhishek! This was a great oppurtunity for me, I wish you the best!

PS: did you receive my email I sent?

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