Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Some budding Bloggers I know

Hello Everyone,

 I am god damned happy today!! LOL!! Reason?? Well, My friend SaiKiran.Putta, started blogging!! Is it a surprise?? Yeah, of course. He seems to have put lot of efforts into blogging and I got to know about it just now.  Just happy to welcome another buddy into world of blogging!!!

   So sharing his link and some of the links of people I know, in person!! Kindly support them by visiting them too!!! 

  • StuffToKnowDot by SaiKiran.Patta about technology and its use in day to day world. You really gotta learn a lot about internet from this site.
  • For a New World by Ashish, his ramblings about the world as he sees
  • My Special One by Rajini Onee Cha about her baby!! She is cool Mommy blogger!! Also check out her personal blog
  • My Daughters Dreams by Pardha Saradhi, a colleague and friend.

   I remember how hard, it was to gain some notice among the blogging community in the early days. Even now, my presence isn't much, but I am happy about the same. Happy about the followers and supporters who keep on encouraging me with their comments, presence and suggestions.   Kindly support these bloggers too!!

with warm regards

PS: This is a re-post. I just added SaiKiran.Pattu to the post and re-posting it!!


Sarah Tokeley said...

I'll check them out. I love to support new bloggers :-)

MorningAJ said...

Early days are always tricky but the blogging community is a friendly place.

Claire Lachance said...

I'll have to go check those out!

Ashish Augustine said...

Oh thanx frndz for ur support

Crystal said...

Aw, that's what I like to see - bloggers paying it forward! You are a good bloggy friend. :-)

Abhishek said...

@Crystal, @Claire Lachance, @MorningAJ & @Sarah Pearson,

thanks a million for your kindness. Yeah, supporting bloggers is cool!! You get to learn a lot from them!!

Raaga said...

hey ! even I'm new in here ... I'll be happy , if you could help me out

Raaga said...

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