Friday, October 7, 2011

What Would You Do??

Morning Everyone,

 Hope all is well at your end and that the good lord would continue to be gracious on both of us!!

   I was going through, The Unexploded Man by Leslie Watkins early in the morning today. The book is about Russians plan to invade the Europe for their own safety. But But, using a specialized sabotage mission under guidance of Secret Seven A special unit for this purpose they try to destroy the credibility of politicians in British Parliament so as to help Russia. For this purpose, David Barnett, a political gossip writer, is kidnapped and kept in prison, tortured to reveal flaws of politicians. 

      Scene: David Barnett is kidnapped and taken into the House his prison  and a day passes without much happening. The next day, Rupert the Unexploded Man or the Evil Character introduces himself to Mr. Barnett:

      It was a large and black room. Expensively and elegantly funereal. Black walls. Black carpet. Black furnishings. On one way, away to Barnett's left, were clamped three television monitor sets. They were being fed pictures from unseen cameras scanning the top of wall around the House. Rupert indicated them "Our security arrangements, as you see, Mr. Barnett, are ingenious and impregnable. So, please \, don't even consider the chances of escaping. Even if you w\could get out of the House -- and I promise you would never do that -- you could not possibly get over the wall. Not without being seen."
      "These cameras--they also work at night?" Barnett's question was a challenge. He was not expecting an honest answer ut he wanted to show he was not completely cowed.

Rupert laughed. "You almost met the sentinels of night, Mr. Barnett". The words, as usual, came floating from his motionless half-lips. "They are too dangerous to be released during the day" Again that awful metallic laugh. "They would tear a man to pieces."

      "So I'm impressed," said Barnett flatly. "Now what do you want from me. All this elaborate performance …….. how can I possibly be worth it?"

    Now Now, Assume you are Mr. David Barnett. What would you do in such a situation? All your attempts to find out why you were kidnapped are meet with failure. You aren't tortured, You are feed properly but but you having a feeling in your gut that says there is something sinister going on. How will you cope up in the empty cell? What will your thoughts be about?

with warm regards


Sarah Tokeley said...

I'd like to think I'd trick them into telling me I was there, or spend my time working out some amazing escape plan. However, in reality, I'd probably just wait and see what happened next. Although I'd probably be quiet. I'm very good at sulking :-)

George Clinton said...

I would enjoy the peace and the minimal comforts the cell has, to offer me!!

Damn it .. what else can I / someone else do??

Bang your head against the walls?? Nah!!

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