Sunday, October 9, 2011

Cat - Women, Quotes!!

Hello Everyone,
 How was your weekend? Enjoyed? Liked it? Partied all night? Mine was awesome. 

 Got my hand upon Cat-Women by Elizabeth Hand. An awesome book in itself. Fiction, cats, lots of cats, purring, roof-tops, black leather, .. and more mystery.  
  I kind of enjoyed the book. Here are some of my favorite quotes from the book. Some of these quotes are used in rather humorous tones and it became a hit with me. I mean, this style: 
So sharing some of the cool quotes: 
Nature gave horns to bulls, hooves to horses, speed to hares, stealth to cats, the power of swimming to fishes, that of flying to birds, and knowledge to men. She had nothing left to women save Beauty. Beauty is proof against spears and shields. She who is beautiful is more formidable than fire and iron
To die and to lose one's life are much the same thing
The cat in gloves catches no mice
There is something wrong with beau-line. Yeah. Just like there's something wrong with a world that drives women to prize youth and beauty above all things -- like a deadly dropkick.
Beauty is as Summer fruits, which are easy to corrupt and cannot last.

Liked them?? You like quotes like these? Any other author who uses quotes? Paulo Coelho uses them for sure. Who else?
with warm regards


Sarah Tokeley said...

I love that last one.

Tom The Sailor said...

To die and to lose one's life are much the same thing

you don't tell me!!

Weird sentence!! makes a good pic on FB I guess!! Try it out!!

It may go viral!!

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