Sunday, October 23, 2011

Change -- Poem

If change be the fact of life,
then why in my life is boredom?
The same way it heads, like knife
does, to a man’s doom.

When strength is in me, why I fail
& think of faults that aren’t in me.
Like the wild grass of the woods,
For a change, why not my life be?

Tired I am to plan & engage,
bored I am to eat & sleep,
thirsty I am for a better change,
which never comes to my lap.

I did pray & I did try to begin,
with something new for a change.
I did get the password to login,
among others for a life I love of change.


Do let me know how you feel about it? Liked it? Is this poem true for you too? Faced such crisis ever?

with warm regards


Sarah Tokeley said...

You have some interesting ideas here :-)

Jingle Poetry At Olive Garden said...

bless you,

beautiful pondering.

do check and link to us if you can, random poems are welcome.


keep writing.

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