Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Hello Everyone,

Here is the list of my all time favorite Military Non-Fiction books: Kindly have a glance at them.

Helmet for My Pillow
by Robert Leckie

Robert Leckie, World War II non fiction books
Helmet For My Pillow
You thought soldiering was easy way back in 1942? United States Marine Corps wasn't for fools. Guts, thoughts, strength, training and luck weren't enough to survive some of the greatest battles in the Pacific. Here is a vivid account of combat and survival in WWII. Booze, the gorgeous nurses, brawling, the officer-enlisted men relationships, the sickness, the longing to survive, the will crushing reality, the appetizing war and everything else from the battlefield to haunt you in the mid of the night.

The shores of Japan, the never ending war, the occasional liberty and the comfort of smuggled rations all for you, from Robert Leckie, one of the America's greatest military historians.


Inside Delta Force: The Story of America's Elite Counter terrorist Unit

Eric haney, Delta Force United States
Inside Delta Force
If necessity to save the citizens, the America, the American way of life, taking on hijackers, terrorists & hostage during the terrorizing days of 1970's are what gave rise to the 1st special forces Operational Detachment - D(Delta Force), then Dominating the modern battlefield, Top secret missions, Unsung heroes, Injuries from rigid training, Discipline and valor, Liberty to act alone and such explain the life of Delta boys.

All you can find here is nothing but new weapons, heavy training, undeterred will, mission to take out gun-men, training and training and training in all possible scenarios & honor of singular men who are fighting for their mother nation, in sudden, frightening world without regrets
Bravo Two Zero:
by Andy McNab

Andy McNab,  SAS fiction
Bravo Two Zero
You thought, the narrator is always the super-hero in the story? that the narrator kicks the shit out of enemy, then this book is for you, to see the reality. When eight men from SAS went into Iraq, to take out scuds, and when they are found and imprisoned by the Iraqi's what happens? When their struggle to outrun their pursuers fails, when their fellow operatives die, when they run out of food, fuel, ammo and expendables. Torture both physical and mental, everyday suffering hell, waiting for rescue, praying for safety of fellow men, considered dangerous and left to be bitten by the devil

This is story of suffering of Andy McNab and his team before being welcomed in their homeland as warriors. Welcome to the party.


with warm regards


Tom The Sailor said...

Bravo Two Zero is my favorite!!!

The book shows how dedicated we the British are!!!

Way to go McNab!!

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