Saturday, October 8, 2011

Do Women Make The World Better

Hello Everyone,

 The weekend has arrived at last. Hope you all have your marvelous plans and that all goes well.

 I was speaking to my friends other day about a excerpt from Helmet for my pillow. Kindly go through the same here:

Robert Leckie due to some illness, reports to division hospital and from there he is admitted into p-38 ward at Banika. He is speaking to one of the corpsman after his initial screening.

If Banika was an island paradise, it had, for enlisted men, its forbidden fruit: the nurses.

“It isn’t personal,” explained the corpsman who had told me about the Kid. “It’s just that they’re women, and women out here are just no good. They cause too much trouble.” He reflected a moment. “You know, we didn’t have nurses when we first got to Banika. There was just the doctors and ourselves.” He sighed wistfully. “It was wonderful. The doctors shared their liquor rations with us and everything. It was like one big happy family. We ate good, too, as good as the doctors. You never heard of a doctor pulling his rank. We got along wonderfully together.” His face darkened. “Then the nurses came, and everything changed overnight. We weren’t good enough anymore. No more liquor, no more top chow, no more friendliness. The nurses talked only to doctors and the doctors talked only to God. And the trouble is, our work hasn’t gotten one bit easier. If anything, it’s harder, what with the tension.” His face got gloomier. “And look what the nurses did to the whole base. Look at the fancy stockade they had to build for them and get a whole MP battalion to stand guard over them. Look at how the men eat their heart out every time they see an officer riding around in a jeep with a nurse beside him. And how do you think they feel when they see the officer has a pistol on his hip? What the hell does that mean, eh? It means he’s supposed to defend this pure woman’s honor against an attack by us crummy enlisted men. We’re the only ones that’d do it, y’know. The lieutenant’s glands have been to Officers’ Candidate School.” His voice was bitter, now. “It’s crazy. It’s unfair. Women have no place out here.”

What do you feel about it? Do men really act crazy in front of women? Have men really brought out the distinctions to chase women? Do men need to show themselves as superior? What is wrong here? The women? Or The men? What are your thoughts about his? Do let me know!!

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J.C. Martin said...

Of course we make the world better! ;)

I don't think there's anything harmful about men behaving oddly in front of women. It's a perfectly normal part of nature, not unlike deer rutting and peacocks showing off their tail feathers. Survival of the fittest, isn't it? And the fittest is the one who gets the girl.

Thank you for joining my Trick or Treat Spooktacular!

Tom The Sailor said...

I don't think so!!

I love women for sure .. but do they make the world better??

It all lies in the heart ...

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