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A Strange Role in My Stories by EC Stilson

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 The month of August would be a little busy one this time as I am participating in the OragneBerryBooktours Summer Splash. Today, I have EC Stilson, the author of The Sword of Senack doing a guest post for me. Here we go:


As a YA Fantasy writer things can get pretty crazy.  My children and nieces always want to be involved.  For example, my twin nieces love doing things that they say are “book worthy.” 

“Where’s your pen and paper?” one niece asked the other day.

“Hon, we’re walking at a park. I don’t have a pen and paper on me.” Plus, my hands were full watching about a million kids.

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Book Character
“But didn’t you see what I did? That could totally be in a book.” She huffed and placed determined hands on her hips. “What kind of writer are you? Aren’t you supposed to do everything and write at the same time? A new story could be waiting for you . . . anywhere!”

“You make it sound so mystical, like being a writer is better than seeing the future.”

“Well it is! You can shape the future. You can shape whole worlds. Oh that reminds me, I’ve decided what I can be in your next book.”

“Really. . . . Well, okay. What do you want to be?”

“Nothing big, just the most beautiful AND humorous mermaid to ever swim in the ocean.”

Her twin sister walked up to us. “But I want to be the most beautiful mermaid!”
Mermaid, Humorous Mermaid, beautiful mermaid
I looked at the two girls who glared at one another. “Don’t fight, kids. I’ll figure this out. For the next book are those all of your requests? That’s all? You both want to be the most beautiful?”

“Oh and I need to get the guy,” the eldest twin said quite solemnly.

“But so do I!” her sister protested.

“Any other requests?”

“Make me rich too,” the younger twin said. “All right? Really rich.”

“Me, too.”

“So you both want to get the guy, be the most beautiful and have loads of oceanic money?” 

They nodded, eagerly and I got a wild idea. Being a Fantasy writer can get overwhelming when everyone in my family wants to be involved. Too bad I’m like a terrible genie who makes wishes come true at a price. 

I giggled thinking how solving my problems is rather easier when I use my skills as a writer. So what if it wouldn’t make everyone happy—not all lessons in life are filled with joy.

“Perfect.” I smirked. “Then it’s agreed. You’ll have everything you wanted and I get to write about a two-headed mermaid.”

“What?! That isn’t fair. That’s not being beautiful.”

“Sure it is. You’re twice as beautiful as all the other mermaids.”

Their red faces slowly turned mirthful as they laughed. “Sure, twice as beautiful. Seriously though, you won’t really do it, will you? What can we do to change your mind?”

“Well, if you help watch the babies for a little while. And stop arguing. Then I’ll make you something different.”

Both girls trudged away. “See what I mean,” one twin said to the other as they moved toward the babies. “Writers have power, even in our realm!”


What do you say? Ever faced with this problem? Kids and family getting involved? Would be fun? I guess it would be. Don't forget to join the giveaway below:

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