Sunday, April 24, 2011

Military Syndromes, part 1

Hello Everyone,

    I just grabbed a copy of Inside Delta Force by Eric Lamar Haney the other day. It was really fascinating book to read.

    There are some cool syndromes suffered by military men as per the book. The are as follows just have a look at the same:

Rambo Syndrome:
    Nothing is impossible for those who don't actually have to do it. This syndrome plays havoc
when a mission is being planned by men who wouldn't be taking part in it and putting their own lives at risk.

Texas Tower Syndrome:
    When a sniper stars shooting and he can't stop, the result is massacre. This is called as
Texas Tower Syndrome referencing Charles Whitman's massacre of fourteen people from the bell tower of University of Texas in 1966

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Author Joshua Hoyt said...

These are interesting. Good food for thought.

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