Thursday, July 14, 2011

Are Boys Blind

Hello Everyone,

    Hope the week is going well for everyone of you. We have a terror attack against one of the most important cities of our country. Kindly pray for all dead, their families, the injured, their speedy recovery, bless the kind souls who risked their all to help the injured and for all the support they need.

  Now, to cheer up, I wanna ask a question. ARE BOYS BLIND?? Here is a small excerpt from Percy Jackson and The Battle of Labyrinth. Ms. Annabeth is the best friend of Percy. Percy had to take help of Ms. Rachel in a quest and Ms. Annabeth is quite angry with it. She is behaving angry, irritated, so on!!! In simple words, Ms. Annabeth is supposedly in love with Percy here.
   "We'll follow the path," she said. "The brightness on the floor."
   "The brightness that led us straight into a trap?" Annabeth asked.
   "Lay off her, Annabeth," I said. "She's doing the best she can."
   Annabeth stood. "The fire's getting low. I'll go look for some more scraps while you guys talk strategy." And she marched off into the shadows.

   Rachel drew another figure with her stick--an ashy Antaeus dangling from his chains.

   "Annabeth's usually not like this," I told her. "I don't know what her problem is."

   Rachel raised her eyebrows. "Are you sure you don't know?"

   "What do you mean?"

   "Boys," she muttered. "Totally blind."

   "Hey, don't you get on my case, too! Look, I'm sorry I got you involved in this."
   "No, you were right," she said. "I can see the path. I can't explain it, but it's really clear."

Now my question, ARE BOYS REALLY BLIND? Don't they literally recognize love? I kind of run behind hell lot of girls *Laughs, Tries to sound cool. Winks* I think, I know of people who love me. I never recognized my dad's love. Accepted. But a girls love? Don't we recognize?

Are women authors, under misconception that boys won't recognize? Is the concept a myth created by women authors? What is your opinion?? Don't forget to pray plz!!!

with warm regards


M Pax said...

Women are more subtle, so men don't always pick up on their cues.

Sorry to hear about the attack. My prayers to all your countrymen.

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