Thursday, July 21, 2011

Helping Hands

Hello Everyone, 

    How was your day going on? Mine was awesome till now and of course shall keep going that way. This post is in response to Short Story Slam Week 6 from the Bluebell books. The theme is simple and is to write a poem / story based on the prompt. The prompt is this cute picture of a dog and a puppy!! So, here is my article. I am calling the puppy as Franko


"I won't walk any further", shouted Franko, thinking if I was only taller, stronger and not limping, I would have kicked the hell out of this bully. 

"You must" snorted the big bullying elephant carrying the puppy with its trunk and walking up hill

"Grrrr!!! Only coz you can bully" replied Franko

"Ha Ha!! Save your energy. You need to walk"

"Who on the god damn earth are you to bother me? I don't need anyone Grrr..." replied Franko, trying to sound angry. God damn myself. First my mom kicks me out and now this thick headed fellow is forcing me to limp all the way. Can't I rest? 

"Why don't you run? So far that you are out of my line of sight? If you are brave and worthy why don't you fight?" mocked the elephant

"Only if I wasn't limping, Only if I could run fast like my mom, I would have bit you and made you run for your mom. I shall ride on your back then." retorted Franko, thinking if it is even possible

"Whoa Whoa!! Hold your tongue." advised the elephant walking slowly carrying the puppy, who was struggling hard to release the grip.

"I can't. Don't you see? Its hard for me to walk down. Why on the earth do you torture me you moron? Can't you see that it hurts? Can't you feel my pain?" shouted back Franko

"Ha Ha!! I told you punk. You ought to be killed. Somewhere I have a feeling that you can walk down the hill another ten times. Somewhere I have the feeling that you can overcome that limp and truly bit me. I am waiting for it to happen" replied the old elephant putting the puppy down as they are already on top of hill.  Is this puppy just arrogant. Is it useless for me to waste more time on this puppy? Should I give one more try? Can I teach the puppy to stand up for itself irrespective of what others think? 

"Don't tell me you care!! You don't care a shit!! I can, I will walk down this god damn hill a million times but never never cry, not due to a bully like you" spoke Franko dashing out, trying to loose sight of the elephant

I shall not follow this puppy back now. He seems good enough to run. One day, this puppy will understand what is happening to him now. How I am helping him this very moment. Ha Ha!! This one too will soon forget me and I shall spend all my lonely years eating cane thought the elephant walking the other way trying to find some sugarcane. 


How is it? Liked it? Enjoyed it? Want to read some more cool stories? Check out my entries for other similar blog-fests:
with warm regards


Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...


Anonymous said...

A lovely sentiment

Abhishek said...

@Jingle & @mindlovermisery,

You guys are really kind!! I was unable to see my own complete post!! There seem to be some problem. Kindly check out the post again!!

with warm regards

California Ink in Motion said...

Fun read! Great

Maggie said...

I'll read it to my child. Thank god she's in her twenties. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like real life. When you're young it's easy to overlook who is helping.

MISH said...

A lovely reminder about practising a spirit of generosity to help others to get ahead in life !

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

brilliant message, love the additional images.

Anonymous said...

That mean old elephant! Great story! One of the hardest things to do is do something that at the the time that the other will never understand that you were trying to help them succeed. Great message

e.a.s. demers said...

A fun story of the wise teacher and the reluctant student! Good job!

Abhishek said...


thanks a million for your wonderful comments!! Yeah, I wanted to show that the Elephant is wise and is helping while the Puppy is a reluctant student, inexperienced, bitter and so on!!

Hope I did it well!!

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